Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Chief

Ramaraskin Amurada Famle!!
It sounds as if the trip to New York was amazing!! I am glad too much that you all were able to go and come home alive!! hahaha.  I cannot believe you forgot to pack snacks! Wanemkinya?! How could you forget the snacks!?!  ;) I guess no vacation without me is ever the same!! :)  I bet that you all shopped until you dropped..cant say that I miss that quite yet!! ;) Wow sounds like you all did the whole 9 yards of New always were a great tour guide!  Your dumpster diving story was hilarious...typical Liz! haha.  I am glad that Ben got to do some manly things while you girls did your girly things!  And tell Bella I am so proud of her and her new modeling career she has going on! I always knew she was a superstar!
I can't believe I missed Sister P's birthday!! I hope that you catered to  her every wish and please send her all of my love!! I miss her so much! I really have been thinking about her a lot! Keep taking care of her for me, and tell her I will come have a sleep over with her when I get home!!
Things here have been nuts! My companion was emergency transferred out because she got full up kidney stones! Man oh man I have never heard anyone scream as much as I heard her scream.  I tried my best to use all my nursing skills, but kidney stones are the pits! Needless to say, I have been playing nurse instead of missionary until Wednesday when she flew out. 

On the bright side, I got a new companion and oiwee she
is the best!! Her name is Sister Lutui and she is from Tonga!! We work from sun up until sun down and it is amazing! Papa God has been blessing our hard work so much!! It is crazy how much Heavenly Father will bless us if we are willing to put in the work required!!! Thursday there was a flood because of the rain and so we just stayed in the house and helped members whose leaf roofs caved in.  

But between Friday and Saturday we taught 33 lessons received 12 referrals and over 6 new investigators.  The work in White Sands is taking off, and it is no where near finished!! Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much and my heart is so full!! This past week we met with a chief and oweii Heavenly Father has been working to soften his heart so much!! He is so ready to hear the gospel, and has agreed to let us come and teach him and his people.  He told us, "Sisters, I have been waiting for the right church to come to my village, and this is it." So this week we will be walking to a village about 3 hours away from our house and teaching about 22 people.  I am sooo excited!! My testimony of waiting on the Lord's timing has grown so much while being out here.  Sometimes Heavenly Father tests our faith and makes us wait small before he blesses us.  But as we work hard and show him how much we want it, the blessings he sees fit will come!
Thank you too much for all that you do!! I apprecaite all the love and support! Have an amazing week!! :)
Yolkokakaeek!! :)

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