Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Spirit

This Christmas was my favorite Christmas.  We were able to go up to the hospital to carol from room to room and pass out lollies to the patients and families that stay there for Christmas.  Hospitals are pretty different here, if your baby is sick then you just come and
bring a mat and you sleep on the floor of their room until they get out.  Needless to say they were all in need of a little Christmas cheer.  We started in the Childrens place and sang some carols to some really sick babies,  But there was one room I will never forget.  We walked into a room lined with beds with no sheets.  The room was empty except for be one young mama and her sick baby in the corner.  When we came in her baby was crying.  We began to sing "Silent Night" and he stopped crying and just looked at us.  We finished and started the next carol "Away in a Manger"  we sang and the young mama took her small baby in her arms and began to rock him back and forth to the song.  As we sang the mama closed her eyes and began to cry, holding her baby close up to her chest.  When we finished she opened her eyes still crying and thanked us for coming. I've never quite felt the Christmas spirit as strong as I did in that hot, empty room.  It just reminded me that we can feel that Christmas spirit without the candies, gifts, and parties.  That was my first great gift on Christmas.

That afternoon Sister Tate and I been receive our next big Christmas gift.  Hetley and Mata were finally married!!!! I am glad we glad! This marriage been open fullup door for the two of them.  Now they will be able to be baptized as a family in just a few weeks.  Best
Christmas gift ever! We been wait long time for this to happen..definitely one Christmas miracle! After they married, Mama Mata been look at me, smiled and said, "I've been waiting many many years for this to happen, and now I'm married.  I could not be more happy."
And it was true.  They both looked happy to finally take this step together to be married...after 18 years.  Papa God works in His own time.  He is all knowing, and so as we trust in his timing, every something will work out in its own due time.  Best Christmas ever.

I love you all!! Have a great New Year! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It looks like Christmas Spirit is strong at the house!!! The lights at Temple Square are beautiful.  I am sad to have been miss the Santa party bekegen this year.  Next year I hope I am on the good list! You are the top chef! Every week I look forward to seeing all the nice
treats you been make! I'm glad you are practicing for when I get home!

Well last week Brother Ariel and Sister Nesta got baptize! They were the most prepared investigators I been look on my mission this far. Their testimonies were deeply rooted into each of their hearts.  This was especially life changing for Brother Ariel.  When I saw him go
down and come up out of the water the words of "Brightly beams our Father's mercy" came to my head.  The thought came to me that now Ariel was a new man.  The man that once described himself as a "bad man" was now completely clean.  And this is possible through the mercy blong Papa God.  How great God's mercy truly is.  To each of us.  No matter our past experiences or current shortcomings.  His mercy goat to each one of us.  He offers it to anyone that will repent and receive His mercy.  He wants too much to see every one of us will go bak and be with him again.  It's a blessing as a missionary to be able to see first hand the extent of the mercy of Papa God.

This past week we focused a lot on reactivation bekegen, and man is that discouraging.  There are a lot of "strong less actives."  Some were happy to see us, others not so happy. It seemed that we were not really making a difference this week.  But on Sunday two less active families that have not been to church in six years came.  Papa is now working on becoming worthy to use prishud power of him.  I was glad too much!! Some times the smallest notions of love that we show to people can make the bigwan difference.

Update on Heteley and Mata and their family: The two of them will be married on Christmas and now their entire family will be baptized together on January 10th.  This week was the first week that their entire family came to church together.  As I sat on that bench I been
overfilled with joy.  There is a unique spirit about families. This has been a goal that I have had my entire mission: to teach and bring a whole family into the gospel.  A lot of fasting and prayers have gone into this goal and I began to think it was not going to be possible.  But every transfer I told myself "this is it.  This is going to happen." And now, it is happening.  Papa  God will support us as we do everything in our power to achieve our goals.

Christmas won't be the same without you.  But this Christmas will be a Christmas centered on the Savior and His spirit.  We will be spending our Christmas at the hospital this year, caroling, visiting, and sharing lollies with the patients that are too sick to spend Christmas
with their families.  This Christmas no Christmas decorations, good food, or bright lights.  But I guess that is how the first Christmas was anyway: on a cold night in a stable.  Christmas is about that first gift that came- the one that wasn't wrapped or bought.  But the gift given to each of us that made it possible that we could return to live with our Father in Heaven for eternity.  The best gift.   I hope that this Christmas is a good one for all of you! I miss you! I love you! I know my Savior lives. I know He died for me, and you, and everyone in the world. I am grateful too much for all your love and support.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I love you!
Sister Brown

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Every Day Is A Blessing

Wow!! Mom, you really went all out for Christmas Dance dinner!! Everything looked cute, and like it was hard work! But I know you, you always have to make everything look all cutesy! haha. Liz looked beautiful! I hope that there were no Christmas dance dramas like mine.. remember? It is weird little bit to see inside of our house, I feel like I no been inside long time now! Benny looks HUGE! He is growing up hurry up too much! Same with Mase! Bekegen thank you too much for the awesome Christmas package!! You all are the best!

This week has been....a hard one.  Papa God has definitely been testing the two of us this week.  He has been testing us to see how bad we want the blessings.  We have been going, going, but Satan too been workin over time this week.  One day this week especially had been a pretty hard day.  It was pouring and we were soaked from head to toe.  We walked and walked trying to see our investigators but every time we came to a house they told us that they weren't there, or they did not want to see us.  I kept telling my companion "We have to keep going, there has to be a blessing behind all this." But every time that someone turned us down, or it began to rain harder she just looked at me and laughed. We continued to just try to look for the blessing: Later that day we had an appointment with Papa Ariel and Nesta. We talked about testimony and then gave them the opportunity to share their testimonies of the gospel.  The spirit was indescribable as tufala been share their strong testimonies of the gospel of Jisas Kraes.  They shared how they came to know the Book of Mormon was true.
Papa shared about how before he was a "bad man that every man hated" but through the teachings inside the gospel, he has changed.  He shared how the gospel has changed what is important to him and what he wants out of life.  He said, "I'll never be the same man because of my testimony. I'm a changed man." As I sat there the Holy Ghost just
testified to me bekegen that this is what makes the hard, rainy days worth it.  Moments of true conversion like this make all the hard times seem like nothing.  It also reminded me how this truly is the Lord's work, and he can do it himself.  My companion and I did not do
any something special, the Lord did all the work.  I am grateful too much that Papa God used my companion and I as tools in His hand. As we do the best we can and endure, he can use us as tools. He has a use for each of his children. He is the power. I know that is true. Once
we receive a true testimony, we can never be the same person we were before.

Another highlight of the week was yesterday!!! Papa Hetley with Mama Mata (his woman) and two of their kids came to church! This was mama's first time coming inside the church and she loved it! It been one great something to look a full family sit together in church. Mama could not stop smiling, this was her first time attending church with her family.  After the meeting she been talk about how much she liked church.  They will be married on December 25 and be baptize after. The work is moving!! I love it! I am glad too much for the chance I have to serve the Lord here! :) Thank you too much for every something! I love this gospel and I love you! :) Have a good week! :)

Sista Brown

Yummy yummy! This is how beautiful our food is!! :)

Poison Fish and Miracles


What did I tell you about sending pictures of food? haha. Kidding! But really! It looks like you all had a delicous and fun Thanksgiving with the fam! I am grateful for all of you!! The most Thanksgiving spirit I got this year was I drew a hand turkey and said Happy Thanksgiving! haha.  Next year! I cannot belief that Liz will be 16 tomorrow! Time flies, I remember when she was born! I am getting old!

This week has been crazy busy.  Last week of transfers! The beginning week we went to Ambae and made exchanges with the two sisters there. It was pretty busy and beautiful! My companion has sores on her legs and the sisters there thought they were doctors...haha.  I just sat back and felt sorry for my poor companion as they were digging, cutting, squeezing leaves, boiling salt etc.  The sores ended up spreading and so by the time we were finished there she was in a lot of pain and couldnt walk very good.  That's when she started to let me
be her doctor! :) haha.  Now they look really good now, just some great scars-tatoos of vanuatu! haha.

The highlight of week of us was probably Ariel and Nesta's marriage. Ariel is a big chief in Apopo Ambae (another island).  All of his children are members of the church, but when he was back on the island he never had interest in meeting with the missionaries.  Well about 2
months ago he ate poison fish and was close up dead.  The elders in his area came and gave him a blessing but the doctors insisted he be got flown to Santo to be watched.  Well that is how we met him.  We met him when he came to church two Sundays ago, and he was already ready to start lessons.  We taught him almost every day week before last, and he is the most ready man I have ever met.  Him and his wife were married on Saturday and will now be interviewed for baptism this week before they go back to Ambae next week. Through his children Papa God worked to plant small small seeds inside his heart.  This has made
it easy for him to develop a strong testimony very quickly.  That is what happens when we use faith.  Faith will make it possible for us to strengthen our testimonies quickly.  But if we don't exercise our faith it becomes weak as does testimoni. I know that every trial or hard time I been face that has tested my faith has made me stronger in the end.  I am grateful for a Papa in Heaven that know every something and knows what is best for us. I am grateful for mission that has given me the chance to watch the faith of others strengthen as they 

have come closer to Jisas Kraes.

I love all of you!! Have a good week!! :)
Sister Brown
P-day with some piknini on the beach! They kept making fun of us that
we couldnt swim!
Champane Beach
Wan mama-Mama Marie recent convert who just got put into the relief
society presidency in the branj! She took us to Champange beach on p
day a place where the WW2 army would come celebrate!
A short cut with Sista Rausika blo Tanna in Ambae!
Teaching a lesson in Ambae! Yeah that is a house!
Airport to Ambae....if anyone knows me they will be amazed that I am still
alive...and not dead from an anxiety attack!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Drunk From The Sun

Dear Family,

Congrats to Liz on her driving test! I hope she is a more better driver than I was. I hope you don't have to go to court for her like you did for me!! It sounds like you all are doing great!

These past few weeks have been REALLY hot! Honesti, I have been roasting out here! I will even just been sitting doing my studies and I am soaking wet with sweat.  haha.  Even the people think it is hot! The other day we been go to go teach one older grandpa and his house  is ontop of this little hill.  We waited for him down underneath a tree and he started walking down but he was like staggering. My first thought was..oh great, reschedule he is drunk.  He came and plopped down and I said, "Papa, you alraet?" He replied, "Sista, I am drunk from the sun." hahaha I was laughing of ded...but he was ded serious. haha.  That just gives you a feel for how how it has been!

But the work has been pretty busy! Last week I been got my first baptaes in over a year.  Words cannot even describe the pure joy I felt that day.  I wish I could explain it.  The two mamas that I told you about before that just got married got baptized.  It was an experience I will never forget.  One of them has been waiting 9 years to be bapaes.  When she got up to give her testimony she said, "It has been taken me 9 years to be baptized.  Never think that your work is or nothing. It will happen in God's time."  It just made me think about all my past areas and how hard we worked to help people be baptaes. Maybe the timing was just not right, but that doesn't mean that all that hard work been for nothing.  I know that Papa God has a plan that is better than mine.  Mama Ruth and her husband are already planning their temple trip for next year.  How sweet this gospel really is.

We are teaching one papa Heteley and his famle. We started teaching them a few weeks ago but these past two weeks they have just progressed like crazy.  At first papa asked a lot of questions just to test us and just treated us like a joke.  But as we continued to come
back and teach him we saw something change in him.  After a few times he called his whole family to come and listen.  We taught them about Plan of Salvation.  We testified of how their family could live together forever.  This week we been teach about Word of Wisdom.  We
found out they were all drinking coffee and tea and Papa smoked and drank kava every day.  We committed them to begin living the word of waes and invited them to yusum faith and come to church.  Yesterday we came out of Relief Society class and we were shocked to see Papa Hetley come out of Prishud class.  Him and two of his pikini been come and stay for all 3 hours of church.  After church was finished we went over to their house to teach again and his wife mama mata was waiting for us.  We sat down and she said, "Sisters, I want you to know that I have been with Papa for 18 years.  18 years I have never ever seen him go to any kind of church.  I have begged him, but he never wanted to go.  18 years me and pikinini of me would walk to church by ourselves. But this morning I woke up and he was already changed for church and packing his buk of momon into his bag.  My daughter and I just stood
in the doorway and stared as he walked away to go to church.  I never thought it would happen.  But he's found truth. He's been looking for 18 years, but he has finally been found it." These are the moments you live for, sweat for, and pray for as a missionary.  When people gain a testimony of this gospel, no matter how small, it changes them.  They
will never be the same.  And that is what happens with each of us as well.  As we continually nourish testimony of us that we have, our testiomni will continue to change us. To mold us to become more like the Savior.  When we make the decision to become a disciple of Christ,
we can never be the same.

I know this gospel is true.  I know it is true because every time I been try best of me to live it, I see blessings.  Every time. Sometimes Papa God takes a little time to show us the blessings.  But when he does that he is proving us..Will we give up? Or will we continue?" I am glad too much for the chance I have to be a missionary.  I have full up more stories to share, but I am outta time! I love all of you!! :) Have a good week!

Love, Sista Brown

Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Zone Conference

Sister Brown did not send an official email this week.  However, I was able to communicate with her a little back and forth, so this information is from me:

My companion and I were trying to fly out to Ambae to train Sisters there.  The plane had too much cargo, so our flight got cancelled.  We will try to fly out next week.

Well, Santo is a little different than Malekula.  It is really nice, but the people aren't as friendly.  In the city there are stores, and roads.  We live outside the city, but the place we live is nice, it has lights.  We never cook, we eat with our neighbors.  We eat a lot of fresh pineapple, other fruits and vegetables.  We go to a family house at night and make laplap.

I went to my last Zone Conference.  We have them every 3 months, I will be returning in two.  It was sad to bear my testimony for the last time in Zone Conference.

Weird picture..but sometimes I get to be a nurse out here.  This is a
picture Sister Smith one couple missionary took.  This is Mickey.  He
cant talk or hear, we are teaching his mom. We came to teach his mom,
but he had fallen and a big bamboo had gone through his leg.  


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Eternal Perspectives

Hello Family!!!

I can no belief that it is Monday bekegen! It sounds like things are great! Man I can no believe that Ash is back already...that is starting to make me nervous! Mom, I am glad that you are bossing for the time being..and that you are keeping in mind that I am coming back
and will take my chief seat backagan!  haha.  Kidding, I think I have been become less bossy? Maybe not, I guess it will just be a big surprise?

We have been busy busy busy this week. But it has been amazing! You know how I like to be busy!  Christie the girl I told you about her married last week is getting baptized this saturday!  I am glad gogo!!  We also been make another married this week of another
investigator of ours, Ruth, that has been waiting 9 years to be married! Timing of Papa God sometimes isn't ours! But she will also be baptized this Saturday! Love is the air I think? haha. Kidding! I am glad too much that Ruth with be baptized this week.  Her husband is
one returned missionary and they are already making plans to go to the temple next year! Talk about an eternal perspective!  

Yesterday we got a new branj presidency and the second counseler is Papa Cyriaq. Papa Cyriaq is a recent convert.  When they got the chance to bear their testimonies he got up and said, "I have not been a member even one year yet. I do not know anything about how the church works or runs.   I am not enough to hold this calling.  But with Papa God I am enough.  I accepted this calling because the calling came from Papa God, I know he will help me." The spirit of Papa's  testimony was unreal.  Watching that recent convert sit up on the stand like that just was a testimony to me that those who the Lord calls He qualifies. Papa Cyriaq knows where his true power lies-with the Lord.  

What an example of how to put full trust in Papa God. I know that this is true too much.  I know that with the help of Papa God we can do any something.  I know that when he asks us to do something-keep a commandment, fulfil a calling etc.  He will always provide a way that we can do it.  Always.  As we pray for direction he will never leave us to figure it out for ourselves.  Every something He asks us to do teaches us how to learn, grow, and become more like him.  I am grateful too much for the janis I have to be out here learning from these amazing people. The faith that they possess strengthens mine oltaem.  I could not be more happy! 

Thank you too much for all support of you evertime! I love you!  Keep on making family skripja studi! Liz and Ben: Do not sleep! haha.  I love you!!

Sista Brown

Prime teaching experience this week: haha. So we been teaching Jebat one investigator about Plan Blo Savem Man. We had explained everything and made the comparison about the Celestial, terrestial and telestial kingdoms being like the sun, moon and stars.  haha.  Okay so after here is how our check up to see if he been understand been go: "Ale, Brata Jebat, so who goes to the Celestial Kingdom? What kind of people?" Jebat (all confident!) "No one!" me and my companion look at "And why do you think that?" Jebat: "Because it is so hot.  They would all burn.  The sun!" [Silence] Me: "Oh, okay, that is a really good thought Brata Jebat.  Let me try to explain this bekegen"....haha

On Saturdei we walked to the church in the afternoon to make 3 baptize interviews with our investigators.  We had been walking around in the soft mud the full day so our legs were covered in thick mud.  We had just been walk inside the gate of the church and one of the couple missionaries Sister Smith came up, looked at our legs and said, "You two need a bath.  Do you go walking around in public like that?"bahahaha I was ded laughing....

some pikinini blo mi!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dear Mother,

Hey mama, thank you too much for the trail mix and fruit snacks!!! We LOVE the pillowcases!!! They are beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thank you too much for sending all those photos of food....honesti..torture..but eh, that's okay! Blessing of you guys!!  It looks like you all had an amazing Halloween! And Mase is the cutest!!! He is HUGE!!! Everyone is getting old!!  It was great to see all the fall leaves, they are beautiful!!! You and skinny mom rock!  I will have to follow the two of you when I get back!!

This week has been...nothing short of amazing.  I have seen absolute miracles this week, I feel blessed too much.  These past few weeks we have been fasting and praying strong to find families to teach. On Friday we contacted one papa of one of our investigators.  At first when we would be come, he would run away and was kinda hilarious actually.  Like when we would "singout" he would open the door, peek his head, and then shut the door. Well Friday we went to see our investigator, but she wasn't there.  But when we walked up papa was just sitting out in front of the house…perfect! But something was different this time..he didn't even try to hide! He asked us where the church started and we ended up teaching about the Restoration.  He was blown away. At the end of the lesson he said, "You know, I have already decided that my family and I will be joining your church." Wow....blessing! We have taught him and his wife two different times now, I figure that this week we will invite them to be baptized.  Papa God heards and answer prea!

Ontop of that, we have been teaching Christie, a long time investigator.  Christie is just like a member, she reads Buk Blong Momon everi dei, comes to church, has a beautiful testimony, but she is not married.  Man of her has not agreed to get married, but they live together and have 2 kids... Well Thursday we went and saw her and I asked her again to ask her man if they could just get married in the church first and then do custom after.  Yesterdei Christie bin come to church and tell us "He said yes! We want to be married in President's office tomorrow!" So this morning Christie and her family, my companion and I and Branj President met at the church to perform a small marriage.  Christie didn't want anything big, she said, "that is for the world nomo" and that "none of that stuff matters to Papa God." What an amazing eternal attitude. The marriage almost didn't happen because we did not have a male to witness, and so I went to a bunch of men that were working at the church and said, "Raise your hand if you know your birthday!" Only one raised his hand and I said," Brata, you
come, you are going to witness a marriage!" hahaha.. he was a little shocked, but we gave him a lollie for his help haha.  The small, simple marriage was amazing.  They were so happy.  After the marriage was finished Collen (the husband) came and told us he wanted to be baptized as well.  Side note: before he was very against the church and against Christie getting baptized. We will be teaching him later this week so the two of them can be baptized a family. Every samting happens in the time of Papa God.  His time is not always ours.  I love the work. I love the people.  I love the Lord.  He lives. He is very much alive.  I see His hand every single day.
I love you!!
Sista Brown

Santo (my new island/area)
YW Value Naet in Litz Litz Branj!

So when someone they love leaves to go somewhere...they do this custom
thing called "changing" they take you into the house and put an island
dress on yu with a flower or something.  It is like a token of
gratitude and respect.  These are the kids of one famle I spent a lot
of time with.
This is a famle of mine...we cried and cried when we said goodbye!
They told me they would pay for my ticket to come back haha.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Sister Training Leader

I am the new STL backagain...haha.  I was one in Malakula and now I am the one for Santo and Ambae.  I will now have to travel to the islands to train and exchange with each sister on the islands. I thought I was going to be able to relax these last two months! Misstem!

Man, I thought I was a worry wart...haha just kiddin, love ya mom!  But yes I am alive and well! We been gat some pretty bad rain and weather, but I am swimmin in the soft mud and lovin every second. I gat to be dirty and swim in the soft mud!! Literally..i swim in it… because I am just as graceful as I was at home... I pretty much fall down every two been become the big joke of the place now...But other than that I no been feel any something like earthquake or whatnot! Vanuatu is a huge place! So no worry! I am safe! Tellem Caroline Goodbye for me and tell Becky she'll be just fine! Papa God protects ALL his missionaries, no matter where they are at.  I can promise that.

Last week I got transferred out of my area in Litz Litz. Those were probably some of the hardest goodbyes I have said so far. Litz Litz been hardest area for me on my far.  We faced just about everything there is to face in that place.  I never been work more hard in my life than I did in Litz Litz. But I never been learn more in my life than in Litz Litz.  I have come to realize that I am a professional seed planter. After years of no baptisms in Litz
Litz there will be the first baptism on Saturday...and I wont be there to see it! Thomas has been investigating the church for many years, and we have been teaching him the whole time I have been in this area.  There have been some sometimes that I just wanted to give up, but the spirit said otherwise.  No effort is ever wasted.  We also have one previous less active family that is now preparing to go to the temple at the beginning of next year!  I could not be more happy!  After months and months of hard work and prayers things are finally moving forward.  There are now no less actives in Litz Litz branch.  Everyone comes to church close up every time.  I have been waiting to see progress like this for ten months, and now here it is.  I know that sometime yumi prea and prea but it looks like Papa God isn't answering.  But sometimes He is quiet to teach us lessons and to help us learn how to excercise agency of yumi right.  But He does answer. In His own time and in His own way.  God's timing is always better than ours.  As we strive to fulfil His will instead of our own, we will see the blessings and miracles he will pour upon us.

Funny joke of the week: We were teaching Alfred, one previous less active about Buk Blong Momon: "Brata Alfred, why do we call the Book of Mormon the book of mormon?" Him with full up confidence smiles and answers, "Mormon...the book will bring More Men to the church" (me)..."Umm...yeah, that's really true!"But let me tell you another reason...Bahahaha.  Gotta love it! :)

Have a great week!!! I love you all!!
Sista Brown

my branj

digging ground to carry to fill up the new church house..bekegen..

Sunday, October 12, 2014



Sorry too much that I havent emailed! Things have been pretty busy! But it looks like you all have been busy as usual!

These past few weeks have been pretty busy... I am not sure where to start.  The two sons of the Chief got married this past week, one chief dead, huge rain storms...we have had it all. This past week was Malampa Dei.. the dei that Malampa became a province.  So that was kinda interesting. Well a holiday here in Malekula is more like a Holiday week. They have a futbol torny for the full week and programs every day of the week until dark until Friday the 10 which is the actual holiday.  Well a week before the Malampa dei tufala son lida bin receive a invitation to come and give the "morning devotion" about the LDS church on Malampa dei. Well the Elders were nice enough..or mean ask my companion and I to make half of the "devotion' Every morning of the week the government lidas invited a different
church to do devotion.  This was the LDS church's first time to do the the devotion.  Well Sista wamura and I were pretty nervous…speaking in front of everyone on the big mic...Well we decided to make a question box and leave it at the field for the whole week and then
answer all the questions during our segment of the Malampa die program.We were pretty nervous, but everything turned out pretty well and it was definitely an experience we will never forget.  It was successful and it was an awesome opportunity to share about our
beliefs with the people that attended.

The week before last week we held the first Young Women Value Naet. It was a huge success.  Here we are trying to start personal progress with all the young women.  We were able to  hold a value neat where the young women presented different items about each of the young women values.  There were many dances, skits, and other activies.  It
was taff we taff.   I will try to send some fotos whenever I get a chance! :) It is amazing how the programs inside the church are exactly the same no matter where you travel in the world.  what a blessing it is to be a part of a world-wide church.

Our investigators are progressing like crazy.  We are actually preparing for the first baptism in Litz Litz in the past 7 years.. I cannot believe I am actually saying that.  There were times after being in this area where I began to doubt that it would ever happen. But it is happening! Thank you too much Papa God! Thomas is an investigator we have been working with for the past 10 months.  We have actually dropped him 2 different times because he was not ready. Well Thomas is the prime example of change.  The gospel has completely changed his life.  This past week we asked him to share his testimony and he shared the most amazing testimony of him about the Buk Blong Momon.  He said, "This is how i came to know the church is true. There is power in this book.  I used to drink and smoke every day.
Now that I read my Buk Blong Momon every day I don't have any desire to drink or smoke.  My friends offer and I just don't want it anymore. I know that it is true.  I feel it every time i read it." These are the moments you live for as a missionary. Every one in the village has
noticed the change in him.  His sister came and told us, "I used to go into Thomas's house and look a pack of cigarrettes by him while he sleeps.  But now the cigarrettes are gone and he sleeps with his Buk Blong Momon near by.   No effort to help others is ever wasted.  Never give up on someone.  You never know when they will change and come to accept the gospel in their lives.  He is ready to be baptized.  We are just waiting for the approval of the chiefs...(work on the islands is a lot different)

I have much much more to tallem yu, but time is short. So I just want to finish by telling you thank you thank you thank you thank you too much for all the packages! I receieved them last week and they were amazing!! Thank you too much for all of your support.  And thank you
too much for the ties! Honesti! I gave a tie to each of the Prishud in our branch.  One in particular..Alfred.  When I went to go and give him his tie he held it close to his heart and said, "Sista, I have never had a neck tie. This is my first one and i will never forget it thank you thank you thank you.  I will look after it well."  He didn't know how to tie and and so he tied his neck tie like a shoe lace and just had the biggest smile. I didn't know how to tie it either and so our branch president tied it for him. He was so grateful. Every time he would talk he would straighten his tie first.haha.  It touched my heart that these men were so grateful for these hand-me-down ties.  As I sat in that sacrament meeting with all those prishud men wearing ties that I recognized as dads and mikes it really hit me hard.  As
our branch president got up to conduct wearing dad's tie it made me think about the many years I watched him sit on the stand at church wearing that tie.  And now many years later a branj president of a small branj in the islands is wearing that same tie.  Thank you too
much for everything.  They all send their love and appreciation.

I love you all!!!! Sorry I have so much more to tell you but time is
short!! :) Continue doing FHE and family skripja studi!! :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

In His Time


Wow you are just too talented: sporty tennis mom, ravioli making mom, hiking mom, crafty mom...I am impressed! It sounds like you all have been pretty busy as usual! Bahah tell all the boys to stay away from Liz..she is a baby yet!  After years and years of telling you you aren't the fun mom, I can finally see that you really are the fun mom, I think I was just blind when I was at home! I can not belief that Hayden and Jake are leaving soon.  What adventures they will each have.

Time is just flying.  This week I have been reminded bekegen of how aware Papa God is of all of His missionaries, and how involved He is in His work.  So this week we decided that we needed to work on finding new investigators.  I have been in the same area for almost 10
months and so I know just about everyone in the area.  The past couple of transfers I have been working to gain the trust of the people. It is impossible to teach the gospel if people do not trust you.  Well this week was a "be uncomfortable week" haha.  We started on Wednesday.  Wednesday we decided to go see one of our neighbors Helen.  She is a single mom that we have been friends with since day one.  We have done just about everything together: family house night, fighting fires, washing, cooking etc.. We have a great friendship with her, but we were always a little scared to talk about the gospel with her.  Well when we went to go visit her we talked and talked and finally we asked if we could come back.  She was really hesitant at first, but she agreed.  Well Wednesday-Friday we prayed
and prayed that Papa God would soften her heart.  Friday we went to go teach her. We taught her about how the gospel of Jisas Kraese can bless lives.  The whole lesson she didn't talk much, so at the end we just paused.  The room was silent for a little bit and then she smiled, looked up and said, "I know that this church is true.  I feel it every time I come. (She had followed our other neighbor a few times to church).  I know that what the two of you have shared with me is true." Unbelieveable.  I know Papa God prepares people to hear the
gospel.  I know that many people that you and I know right now are prepared already, it just takes two seconds of courage to invite them to learn more.  Be brave! Fear is of Satan.

Another experience we had this week was a little interesting.  So I don't know if you remember but we met Brain and his family about 4 months ago.  At first it seemed like he was just ready for the gospel in his life, but time and time again we been pass by and he would hide or pretend he was busy.  We decided that we would just leggo and give him some time.  Well Monday we were walking to our area and we met Brian on the road.  Usually he hides, but this time he came straight up to us.  I was a little shocked and my companion looked at me like.." What is going on??" He came up to us, shook our hands and
said, "I want the two of you to come and see my family.  When will you come?" I guess my open mouth and stunned look on my face gave me away...because he was like.."What? When will you come?" I said, "Well, Wednesday!" Honesti...we were dying.  God's time is not always our time.  But His time is always better.  Sometimes we have these plans of "our timing" and when they don't work out we just give up.  But hope is never lost to Papa God and it is never "too late."  There is no such thing as a "lost cause" in missionary work.  These are all His children.  He will lead them to the missionaries or the missionaries to them.  Everytime.  I am grateful too much to be able to be an instrument in this great work.  When it seems like all hope is lost, He comes. Sometimes He makes us be patient, but He will always come.I know this is true.

Okay, so I have wan narather story: So Sunday we walked to church with Mama Alex.  She lives in Lambaubu which is a village on the other side of the mountain of our area.  She had been staying with her daughter right by our house and so we walked together.  As we walked she shared her testimony of trusting Papa God with us.  Mama Alex was baptized in 2008. She is the only one in her family that was baptized.  Well last Friday Mama Alex heard that there was going to be district conference on Saturday and Sunday.  The only problem is that to jump a truck from Lambaubu to lakatoro (where the conference would be) is extremely
expensive. (about a 2 or 3 hour drive I think) Anyway, she told her husband that she would be going and he told her, "We have no money. And even sapos you jump one truck with family of us,  you will have no money for food for the next three days." She looked at him and said, " I know Papa God will find a way for me." She continued to stori that she packed one island dress, a few other things and stood up at the road. She waited and waited and then one family of her who drives a truck passed.  He told her to jump and so it looked as if her first problem was solved.  They drove and drove and she finally made it to Lakatoro (it was Friday) Well it was late afternoon and she hadn't eaten anything.  She was really hungry but just went to find some place she could sleep for the night.  The morning she woke up and she was really really hungry.  She knew she didn't have any money, but she decided to go look around at the market.  As she looked around at the market she began to pray in her heart, "Papa, I need you.  I know you see I need you, and I have faith you will help me." She walked around for a little longer and then looked through her small basket.  She opened her small coin pouch that was empty when she came and saw 200vt that had not been there before.  After seeing the 200 vt she began to cry because she knew her prayer had been answered.  She then ran over to a small bush on the side of the market and knelt down and prayed to thank Papa for hearing her prayer.  Papa hears every prayer of every child of His. When we are obedient He will provide for us.  We need not worry, from se He is here, He has promised that will never change. What an amazing example of faith.  I am amazed by the amount of faith that I am surrounded by each day.  Papa God is good too much to each
of us.  I know He loves us.  Fear not, He will provide.

I love each of you.  I am grateful too much for all the sacrifices you make for me mom.  I love you.  I pray for each of you every single day.  Continue to do the small things such as family house night, prayer, skripja studi.  It will make all the difference.  I love you. I know Papa God will look after all of you until the Big Bad Boss comes back!

Sister Brown

Mi wetem sam family

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Malekula Miracle

Sorry sorry sorry ol famle!!!! Last week the internet connection was no good and so we did not get to email! But for a small time nomo!

Well this week was a spiritually uplifting week...but a BUSY one! And I mean busy! We did not sit down much this week! haha.  We had zone conference this week, a general authority, President Brewer and His wife come and a district conference! But I want to share the Malekula Miracle that happened this week.

This week we had Elder Tukuafu, an area seventy from Tonga, come to our little island of Malekula. He spoke in our small zone conference in our bush chapel and then addressed all the Saints here in Malekula at a district conference for the entire island.  Okay so let me back up a little bit. So right now here in Vanuatu we are in the dry season...and oh has this one been a dry one.  Many companionships of missionaries have been taken out of different areas because of the lack of water.  The water tanks are close up dry, the gardens are really dry....everything is just dry.  Sister Brewer said that when they flew into Malekula instead of the lush green they looked brown and yellow.  

Now this lack of water is a huge deal for us in the islands because the people here survive off of their gardens.  Too much sun + no rain=wan bigfala problem and lots of empty stomachs! Anyways, we  have just been praying and praying for rain.  Well on Saturday Elder Tukuafu came and gave a great talk in the adult session of district conference.  Everyone was sooo excited that "a man of the prophet" came to Malekula.  Plenty of people came to hear him speak. Well at the conclusion of his talk he paused, looked up and said, " I hear you all want more water.  So I will leave a blessing of water with you." He addressed us the next day backegen and then he jumped in the truck to catch his flight. Well as I was sleeping Sunday night/ Monday morning, I woke up to a HUGE rainstorm.  It rained and rained heavy rain until mid afternoon today.  When I got out of bed and looked outside I woke up my companion and said, "The church is true." I know without a shadow of doubt that all of the leaders in this church are called of God.  Priesthood power is the power of God.  It is the same power by which God created the heavens and earth, and with this power anything is possible.  I know that Papa God is very aware of each of us.  He knows each of His children.  Even us out here in the outer islands.  He has not forgotten us.  And he has promised that He will never forget us.  He hears our cries, and sometimes He cries with us.  I know He lives.  I know He loves us.  Indeed "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me." Every. single. Day.

I love each one of you! Continue to press forward, continue to do hard things.  Because the longer you do something hard, the better you get at it.  I know this is true.  If life was easy we would never learn, we would never become better.  But life is hard, but you are stronger
than you think.
Sister Brown

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Boss


Can I just tell to you thank you too much for your help this week with my schooling! Thank you BIG WAN!!! Sorry too much that I am half way around the world and can't do anything to help you. But honesty, thank you too much! No worry! When we need to do this same thing for Mike, the Boss will be home to do it so you can relax! In case you have forgotten, the Boss=me! :)

It looks like you all had fullup fun up at the cabin! Oh man do I remember Bear River little convict..escaping out of the windows and such..bahaha Did I read that right mother? Riding motorcycles? I think my eyes are getting old or something because I have never once seen my mother get on a motorcycle! Awesome! Hell's angles baby! I hope you all pick me up from the airport with your motorcycles and leather jackets with bandanas..anything less and I will be super disappointed. I can not belief how grown up everyone I am so old. But it looks like everyone is doing well!! haha.

This week was...taff tumas! Awesome! I am living the dream out here..honesty!! :) So this week we have completely shifted our focus from finding investigators to strengthening the members and establishing a center of strength.  Here in Malekula every single member is a recent convert basically.  The church is still in its infancy here in the islands so we are just working hard to build a secure foundation.  So this week we visited every member of our branch! And it was awesome! This week I also had a great experience with one inactive member of our branch.  This mama is our mama relief president in our branch.  She was active for a few years and then a few months ago she got into a fight with a few others and it caused her to stop coming to church.  The past 3 months she has been attending a different church and recently went with a prayer group from that church to Santo.  Well we planned to go visit her and I had no idea what we were going to share with her..or what to say.  I
prayed and prayed for days before we went to see her and no distinct answer came.  So we took a leap of faith and just went.  When we first got there she was really ice cold! After the opening prayer I honestly did not know what to say so I just began asking her "small talk" questions about how she felt about her life now etc.  She was like, "oh everything is fine etc" But I knew she was lying. I had no idea what to say so I just sat there quiet for a minute.  I then just opened my mouth and told her "We love you.  The Savior loves you. He needs you.  It does not matter what mistakes you have made or how many times you have failed.  His arms are open all time inviting you to come back.  Mama, come back.  You are important, He has called you to lead and He needs you to be strong.  He knows you can be strong."
As I continued to talk words that were not my own she began to cry. After a few minutes she broke down and told us what was on her mind and in her heart.  I testify in the power of the spirit.  The promise in D&C 84:85 that he will provide what we need to say is true.  He knows the hearts of His children.  I had no idea what to tell her, but He knew what He wanted to tell her.  I know that the words I said that day were not my own, but His.  I feel so blessed to have the privilege to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord of the Vineyard.  I love my mission.  It's moments like these that make all the sweat, boils, and tears worth it.

Work in the mission field is not easy! It can be super tiring! But sometimes Papa God tries really hard to test our faith! Spiritually and Physically!  We had a really funny experience this past week.  So it has been REALLY hot this past week and so walking to and from our area is really really draining.  We had spent hours and hours working at the church house in the hot sun (shoveling ground again) and we were exhausted. We went and taught until dark and started our trek home. My cute companion gets tired super easy so she was close up dead by the time we started walking home.  I held her backpack and we started walking.  She kept saying..."Sister Brown...I am not going to make it home!" I laughed and laughed and told her we had to keep walking or sleep on the dirt road.  Well we had walked about...3 miles when we saw the lights of a truck coming behind us.  My companion
suddenly just came to life..(she had been walking like a zombie). S
he was said, "Sister Brown, I have faith this truck is going to pick us up!" I knew it wasn't going to, and so I started teasing her and said, "Sister Wamura, maybe that truck will pick you up if you act like you are injured!" haha I continued walking but a few seconds later I looked behind me and Sister Wamura was dragging her leg along the dirt road acting like her leg was broken.  bahaha I could not believe it! The truck lights got closer and she continued "limping" so bad and faking a painful face.  I could not stop laughing! She kept telling me, "Sister Brown, stop laughing or hide your face! They won't believe me if they see you laughing!" I turned my face to the side and continued strolling along.. Well the truck came closer and she said, "You'll see Sister Brown!" Two seconds later the truck slowly passed us.  And after that another 2 sped by.  No one stopped.  Hahaha My companion limped a whole mile or so for nothing! haha.  We walked the whole way home! And I laughed the entire way! :) Love the work! :)

I love every single one of you! :) Pray hard! And Work harder! :)
Sister Brown
aka "Da Boss" ;) haha

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Follow The Spirit

Hello Family!!

It looks like summer has been a success! Mike and Brooke's baby is just adorable! Sorry too much to hear about Ruth's funeral, she always was a favorite of mine! I am glad that every something is going well at home!

Things here are great! We had a pretty successful week this week. The Lord's work is really the best work to be engaged in. This week we were really able to see how Papa God really does prepare each of his children to receive the gospel, and how key the spirit is in conversion.  One of our investigators Bonny finally came back from Santo and we were able to see her. Last week we were able to teach her about the Book of Momon and we asked her to read a few chapters and pray to know if it is true.  The next time we came we asked her how she felt as she read.  She was quiet for a minute and looked down at her book of momon.  She looked back up and smiled and said, "I just know it is true.  Every time you two come over I just feel so glad. I can just feel real joy." We didn't even know how to respond to her. These are the moments you live for as a missionary.  The moments when you can see the spirit working inside your investigators is priceless. The spirit just did it's work.  And that is the promise of missionary work.  All we have to do is open our mouths, the spirit will do the
work in the hearts of the people.  She said that as she reads she feels a difference in the words of the Book of Mormon.  We couldn't be more happy.  Papa God is good too much to us.  He has just made Bonny ready to accept the gospel.  Before meeting us she went through a really hard time in her life, but that hard time really made her spiritually ready to hear the gospel.  It made her ready to tune her life into the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I love missionary work.

This week we went into a village that before we had been "asked not to return". Since that time we had talked with the Papa who "asked us not to return", and he again gave us permission to go back in.  It was in this tiny village we met Marie.  Marie had met missionaries before, but had not seen missionaries for a long time.  We got to know her a
little bit and then told her a little bit about our message as missionaries. She lit up as we explained about through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can always "begin again" She shared with us how over the past couple years she has just felt "heavy" with guilt of
past experiences.  How more prepared could she be to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Another example of just how aware Papa God is of us.  He knows what timing is right for each of his children.  This experience also taught me that before a miracle like that we always have to meet opposition.  And when we meet opposition, we must not cower down.  We must straighten our shoulders, dust them off and move forward with faith.  There is not a thing in this world that can stop this work from moving forward.

I am grateful too much for the opportunity I have to be out here. I love my mission.  I am so happy.  I know I tell you that all the time, but I really am.  I love each one of you! I pray for all of you often! Keep your heads up and faith strong oltaem! Read the skripjas and prea every single day and you will see miracles in your life!
Have a good week!! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Independence Day

Dear Mommy,

Wow you all are just the traveling bunch now a days eh?? haha.  It sounds like summer has been another huge success!! I cannot say that I am surprised because you always had full up ideas of how to entertain all of us over the summer!! :) Remember "I'm not here for your
entertainment??" haha.  I cannot belief that Mason is 2!!! When I left he was 0! Man, where does all the time go?? You will have to spoil him rotten for his birthday for me!! :) Thank you too much for that awesome quote that you sent!! I wish I had time to share all of my
experiences that I have had out here.  Needless to say, I know that the veil is thin.  I know that many different times on my mission dad has been here by my side.  Sometimes as protection and sometimes as support to tell me "Keep goin Kater" I know that death is not the end. How lucky are we to have that knowledge? I miss him every day, but I know that he is watching over each one of us and he is very aware of us.  He never really left us, we just cant see him here now.  He had a bigger, better work to do on the other side.  They needed him more than we did.  Papa God knew that you were strong enough to raise all
of us by yourself.  He taught us plenty, and left behind a legacy to
help each one of us.

Well I don't have much to update this week, this week was independence day in Vanuatu and so everyone was pretty busy.  We have been doing a lot of service work for our new church house this week! It is hard hard work, but this girl is gettin muscles! haha.  I will try to send a better email next week!! I love you all!!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book of Mormon Classes

Hello Ol Family!

Mother, sorry sorry sorry soo much that I have not emailed in awhile! P-days go by way too quick! I hope that you will forgive me!! It sounds like you all have been having a great time and are doing well!I love seeing all the pictures of what you all are up to! I cannot
belief that all of these young men in our ward are heading I am old!! I am excited for each of them as they will have experiences that will change all of their lives! Ben is getting way too big! Tell him to stay young!! Sheesh!! Thank you too much for all of your encouraging words week in and week out, they make for a good pick me up after some rough weeks out here.

Well...where do I start? This week was transfer week and guess what? Sista Brown will be staying in Litz Litz again! I am actually really glad.  The area is really rough, but I LOVE the people here! We have been working really hard, super busy trying to find people that are ready and willing to change their lives.  So these last few weeks we have just been hitting a brick wall with each of our investigators. We have been fasting and praying just asking Papa God what we need to do for our area.  I have often found myself asking Papa "what more can
I do?" One day in particular we came home from a really really rough day.  That night during some extra study I was just wondering "Papa, what can I do here? Just tell me what I can do" I was reading in a church magazine when I found a quote that answered my question completely! It said, "Don't just ask God what to do-put in some thought, analyze resources, come up with a plan, and then go to the Father and ask Him if the plan is okay-after pray for miracles."  Papa God is too good to His missionaries.  He will never let one of His
children that is earnestly seeking for truth remain confused. Sometimes He will remain a little quiet so that we can learn to make decisions for ourselves, but he will never leave us.  After reading this quote I decided that I was just asking, but I was not trying to come up with a plan myself.  That night during daily planning my companion and I mapped out new plans of how to help our area come on top.  We decided that we would go into a new area to make some finding.  We made the plan, and then prayed to ask Papa God to see if
the plan was okay.  After our prayer we felt pretty good about it. The next day we went ontop to Provinces.  We saw miracles.  We were able to find Papa Roger and Papa Noel and his family.  They are so ready for the gospel.  Papa Noel has even receieved lessons from the
missionaries some years ago.  When we met him I had no idea what we were going to teach him.  Sista wamura was giving the first prayer and I was just praying saying, "Papa I have no idea what to teach" When the prayer was finished the restoration pamphlet opened up to profits. We taught about profets before and how we have a living profet today. Papa Noel was stunned.  He couldnt even speak.  He just kept looking at the picture of President Monson and saying, " I am really interested in this man, he is alive still? Just like moses?"  We are now teaching his whole family.  Miracles happen.  But they will not happen without fervent work on our part.  Papa God gives us resources so that we can help ourselves. Just when you think that He has left you He will manifest himself through some way or another. Blessings come, but you must work work work first.

Last week my companion and I started teaching a Buk Blong Momon class every Tuesday and Thursday evening at our church house.  I noticed that many of the members in our branch either have never read the buy blo momon or they do not understand or remember any of the stories. Since the buk blong momon is the keystone to our religion we thought
that going through it as a branch would help build up the faith of our members and unify the members.  We were a little worried that no one would come but we organized it and started with how the buk blo momon bin kam.  Each class we give a reading assignment of the japtas that we will discuss the next class.  It has been such a success.  Last week every adult member in our branch came! That is a record! As each of them was able to bear testimony of the Buk blo momon the spirit was so strong.  At the end of the class the members kept asking us if we could have the class every day.  We are seeing a lot of progression in our branch.  Baby steps people.  Faith and baby steps.  I am grateful to see even the smallest of miracles in this area.  There are no such thing as a small miracle in the mission field.

So let me explain some of the pictures i sent.  The one of me scrubbing pots on the beach is actually how we clean sauce pans here. When you cook over the fire the pots get really really dirty and so we use sandbeach to clean them.  it is hard work a little bit, but it is
kinda fun!  The one of the church house is of our current church house...or half church house.  we are currently building a new church house and so we took out half of the current one..but no one thought about.."Well now where will we worship??" On sunday we
worshiped in a half church house..the sun was strong and some people wore their shades..hahaha.  And on Thursday during our buk blo momon class it started to rain..manwan! When the rain started coming we all just quietly shifted onto the other side of the church house..haha. Island life!! The other one is my companion and I making a mat with
two mamas! haha.  the other one is a bunch of pikininis on Children's day on Thursday! The other one is of me and all the members building our new church house.. it is harddd work!! I spent 3 hours leveling ground and filling up holes with a shovel...don't worry
that is not a skirt..but we are not allowed to wear trousers in the village and so we fasten calico over shorts every time we do service! :) haha.  nice fashion! I am sure Sarah will love it!! ;) Mama I will even let you put these up on the blog! :) haha.

I hope that you all have a great week.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here serving the Lord.  I am so happy.There is no place in the world I would rather be.  I know that as we continually apply the gospel in our lives we will always have peace.
In a world full of confusion and contention, but gospel is where we can find peace and hope.  We can never go too far away from the Lord.It doesnt matter how far we go away from Him, He will always be waiting with outstetched arms for us to come back.  No man is exempt from the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I love each of you!!! :) :)

Sista Brown

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pictures from Maleuka

Some pikinini lo eria blo mi! haha. manwan! 
I made that bow and arrow! And yes that is a leg of a bullok with it's tail.
I went around the garden with one of the pikininis and picked up the cocoa plants. We put them in a wheel barrow, empty them out, cut each one open and carry out all the cocoa beans inside.  After I let them dry 2 days in the sun and then clean them and set them out in the sun for a few days back again! Now I have chocolate! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

By Small Things, Great Things Come To Pass

Sorry Sorry Sorry Ol Family!!!

Mom I am glad that all the kids spoiled you on your birthday! I hope that you got time to rest! The trip looked like a blast. I am not the least bit surprised, mom always knows how to have a party! is amazing how life can change in just one week! Meg and Quinn moved out?? That is great! I am happy for them! But Sorry that now you wont see Mase as much anymore!! Man, what are you going to do with yourself now? No YW, no kids at
home...It sounds like you will finally be able to retire? hahaha.  I guess you can never really retire from being a mom. 

It sounds like all the farewells have been great! I am excited for all the experiences that they are going to have out here in the field!! Ben sounds like a sports fanatic, sheesh does that kid ever rest? You need to take the boat out!!! You always told me.." I'm the man!" So I know
that taking the boat out will not be a problem for you!! Just please don't drop the keys in the water! :) Sorry that I have not been great at emailing lately, I hope you will forgive me! Don't worry, I have not forgotten all of you, things have just been pretty crazy! But that is not an excuse!  I will be better!

These past couple of weeks have been pretty challenging.  And by pretty challenging I mean..really hard.  This week President and Sister Brewer came to our island for some meetings and Zone Conference.  Papa God definietly answered a lot of my prayers through
their wise counsel.  In one of our meetings with President and Sister Brewer they showed a viedo about all the attributes of Jisas Kraes. If you have not watched should! It shows His life and all of the attributes that he had.  Jisas Kraes was completely perfect, he never made one mistake, but yet he was still an outcast to His people. He served His entire life, but yet people hated him and rejected Him. The path He walked through life was a lonely one.  

These past few weeks we have faced a lot of opposition.  Sometimes as missionaries we feel as if we walk alone.  But I have learned that we are never alone. No matter how many people reject this great message, no matter how many different trials we face, Papa God will never allow us to walk alone because Jisas Kraes him already walked the lonely path. If we want to be a disciple of Kraes we must be willing to walk a small portion of that lonely path that he walked.  If we endure, in the last day we can rest with him.
In that same meeting President counseled us "Don't be afraid to do hard things." This is something I have defnietly learned these past few weeks.  Hard times are the times that we grow the most.  Hard times give us a choice-we can choose to become bitter and harden our
hearts or we can humble ourselves, soften our hearts, and determine to do better.

Another thing I have learned these past few weeks is when we feel like we are facing a hard time we must take time to look for the small and simple blessings that occur every single day.  Five months ago when I came into this area I met a less active papa Alfred.  Alfred had been baptized several years earlier but had since "left the church." Just by looking at him you could see that Satan had indeed done his work on him.  Ever since I have come into this area I have made a special effort to be sure to visit him as much as possible.  He is the only member in his family and needs all the help he can get.  When we would visit him, many different people would make comments and tell us we were wasting our time.  We could continue to invite him to make changes in his life, but he would continue to stay the same.  To be honest, I felt as though we were making no difference in his life.  But yesterday when church started, I looked back and saw papa sitting in the back row in his white shirt.  He had his new scriptures with him and he was just shining.  Like literally, I could not stop smiling.  Something was just so different about him. After the meeting we went to go visit him and he was so happy! We started the lesson and he looked at us and said..I did it.  I
have quit kava and smoke and I have seen blessings.  I will never go back.  Thank you for not giving up on me.  I have just tried it for this one week and I have seen blessings already in my home.  I have seen my wife's (not a member) heart come softer, we have money for
food, the blessings just keep coming. My companion and I were so happy. The scripture in 1 Nifae 16:29 is true.  By small things (small visits) great things come to pass.  He is the power. The power of the atonement can heal even the most broken of people. We have been facing full up hard things, but now we have one more worthy Melkezidik prishud holder in our branch! (There are only 3) Papa God he has his own purpose for each of us!

Even though I have been through some hard times as a missionary lately, I am happy.  I love missionary work.  Time is going by too fast!!! I am grateful for all the support and love that you all give me! It means the world to me!! I love all of you!!! :)
Have a good week!!! :) :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Mama

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday!!!!! I wish I was there to spoil you rotten, but next year! I hope that everyone lets you put your feet up and rest, you definitely deserve it! You are seriously the best mom anyone could ask for.  Thank you too much for all the the sacrifices that you have made for us kids and that you continually make every single day.  You have taught me so much through your Christlike example.  You have never once given up on me.  Just like the stripling warriors said in Alma 56- I have never doubted the gospel because you have taught me. Your faith through all the trials that you have faced has strengthened me and given me power to continue even at times when I didn't think I could.  I am grateful that you have stood up strong in the gospel so that I could have the great blessing of the gospel in my life.  I know
that it was not always easy, but I know that it was worth it.  You have taught me so much and every time I am faced with something hard out here I think of all the things that you taught me.  I am beyond grateful.  I will never forget the lessons you taught me. They give me
strength and it encourages me to work my hardest to bring blessings back to you and the family.  Even though sometimes I didn't listen, I look back now and see that truly "Mother knows best." I am glad too much that we have so many memories together and I cannot wait to make more when I get back!! :)   Thank you too much for always putting us
first.  I hope that I can be half the mother you are someday! I love you mom!!!
Have a great birthday!!