Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dear Mother,

Hey mama, thank you too much for the trail mix and fruit snacks!!! We LOVE the pillowcases!!! They are beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thank you too much for sending all those photos of food....honesti..torture..but eh, that's okay! Blessing of you guys!!  It looks like you all had an amazing Halloween! And Mase is the cutest!!! He is HUGE!!! Everyone is getting old!!  It was great to see all the fall leaves, they are beautiful!!! You and skinny mom rock!  I will have to follow the two of you when I get back!!

This week has been...nothing short of amazing.  I have seen absolute miracles this week, I feel blessed too much.  These past few weeks we have been fasting and praying strong to find families to teach. On Friday we contacted one papa of one of our investigators.  At first when we would be come, he would run away and was kinda hilarious actually.  Like when we would "singout" he would open the door, peek his head, and then shut the door. Well Friday we went to see our investigator, but she wasn't there.  But when we walked up papa was just sitting out in front of the house…perfect! But something was different this time..he didn't even try to hide! He asked us where the church started and we ended up teaching about the Restoration.  He was blown away. At the end of the lesson he said, "You know, I have already decided that my family and I will be joining your church." Wow....blessing! We have taught him and his wife two different times now, I figure that this week we will invite them to be baptized.  Papa God heards and answer prea!

Ontop of that, we have been teaching Christie, a long time investigator.  Christie is just like a member, she reads Buk Blong Momon everi dei, comes to church, has a beautiful testimony, but she is not married.  Man of her has not agreed to get married, but they live together and have 2 kids... Well Thursday we went and saw her and I asked her again to ask her man if they could just get married in the church first and then do custom after.  Yesterdei Christie bin come to church and tell us "He said yes! We want to be married in President's office tomorrow!" So this morning Christie and her family, my companion and I and Branj President met at the church to perform a small marriage.  Christie didn't want anything big, she said, "that is for the world nomo" and that "none of that stuff matters to Papa God." What an amazing eternal attitude. The marriage almost didn't happen because we did not have a male to witness, and so I went to a bunch of men that were working at the church and said, "Raise your hand if you know your birthday!" Only one raised his hand and I said," Brata, you
come, you are going to witness a marriage!" hahaha.. he was a little shocked, but we gave him a lollie for his help haha.  The small, simple marriage was amazing.  They were so happy.  After the marriage was finished Collen (the husband) came and told us he wanted to be baptized as well.  Side note: before he was very against the church and against Christie getting baptized. We will be teaching him later this week so the two of them can be baptized a family. Every samting happens in the time of Papa God.  His time is not always ours.  I love the work. I love the people.  I love the Lord.  He lives. He is very much alive.  I see His hand every single day.
I love you!!
Sista Brown

Santo (my new island/area)
YW Value Naet in Litz Litz Branj!

So when someone they love leaves to go somewhere...they do this custom
thing called "changing" they take you into the house and put an island
dress on yu with a flower or something.  It is like a token of
gratitude and respect.  These are the kids of one famle I spent a lot
of time with.
This is a famle of mine...we cried and cried when we said goodbye!
They told me they would pay for my ticket to come back haha.

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