Sunday, January 11, 2015


Dear Mom,

I can no belief that this is it.  Honesti, I think I am in denial because I keep forgetting that I am coming home.  My emotions are all over the place.  I cannot wait to see you all, but I am also leaving behind all these people here in Vanuatu that I have just grown to love with all my heart.  But that is just how life is.  Papa God puts people into our lives: some for a season and some for a long time. But each person that we meet in our lives leaves wan impact.  They change us in some way or another.  And that is what has happened here in Vanuatu.  The people here have been change my life. And I'll never ever be the same.  They have been teach me plenty and the lessons I have learned from them I'll never be able to forget.

I have got the best ending to my mission, on Wednesday last week Papa Hetley, his wife Mata, their little gel Nancy and Mama Lisabeth got baptize.  I wish I could describe to you the joy that I felt as I watched a family come together and be baptize. I could not stop smiling.  My entire mission I been praying and fasting to find a family that is ready to receive the gospel and be baptize.  Every transfer number one goal of mine has been a family.  But every transfer it never happened.  I wanted so badly to teach families because on my mission I have learned how important all families are in the plan of Papa God.  They are absolutely essential.  His plan would never work without them.  At the beginning of every transfer I
continued to put that as my goal even though for the past 18 months I have failed every transfer.  Before last transfer I began to doubt Papa God.  I began to doubt that we would ever be able to do it.  But look: the day before I flew out to the main island I was able to
attend the baptize of my first family on my mission-unreal.  I have learned to not be afraid to set high goals.  As we set righteous goals and give it everything we have to make it happen, Papa God will take care of the rest.  As long as it is according to His plan.  Just like
it tells in Mormon: "Doubt not, but be believing." As we never lose hope and continue even after we fail time and time again-He will deliver us.  He will make it happen. As we visited with Hetley and his famle after the baptize they began to tell us, "A year from now we are
going to the temple-with our whole family.  That is our new goal." These are the moments you live for as a missionary.  Makes every hard work worth it!      How amazing this gospel is.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I know, without one doubt in my mind that I'll see them
bekegen.  Whether in this life or in the next.

I testify that Papa God hears every single one of our prayers.  But He will not always make things easier right away-if he did, we would never learn or grow.  He will not always take the hardships-but he will make our backs stronger that we will be able to bear them.  He will answer-in His time and in His way.  But that is always the best way too. Trust Him.  Believe that He knows better. Because He does. My mission has been the best thing that has ever been happen to me.  But it's not over yet, one more day to work! :)  I am excited to see all
of you! ahh Crazy!!

I love you all! See you on wednesday...ahhh is this real life??

Sister Brown

Sister Brown gives her Homecoming talk Sunday January 18th at 11:00.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ambae Adventures

I didn't get an "official" email from Sister Brown this week, but was able to communicate with her back and forth.  I'll try to some up our conversation.

This week we were training sisters on Ambae.  We left Monday and had plane tickets back to Santo on Wednesday.  One of the Elder's had a family emergency, so we traded them our tickets (coming back Wednesday) for their tickets (coming back Friday).  The only problem was that we didn't have changes of clothing to accommodate the length of our stay. I told her to ask a member to wash them in their washing machine and she laughed.  The ocean seems to be their means of washing clothing.

On Friday they went to the airport to fly back to Santo and the flight got canceled because of strong winds.  The airlines told them they were booked until January 17th.  On Saturday they went back to the airlines and begged for a flight.  I kind gentleman snuck them onto a small plane.  It was overbooked so there were 15 year olds sitting on their Dad's laps.  Lap riding on the airplane.  The young pilot been look back before take off and said, "Is everyone at
least sitting down?" We all replied, "Yes, just go!" hahaha  We made it, dirty, smelly, but we made it!  

We were happy to get back since we had slept on the floor for a week with the was quite the adventure. 
I have given all my things away.  I only kept the dresses because they will never wear them. 

-with mama Rose in Amber

-carrying Cato (flour) back to the house...we  were hungry for cato! :)

a family in ambae that (they been give me calico(one custom for people
that are leaving)

eating bat….yumm