Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Spirit

This Christmas was my favorite Christmas.  We were able to go up to the hospital to carol from room to room and pass out lollies to the patients and families that stay there for Christmas.  Hospitals are pretty different here, if your baby is sick then you just come and
bring a mat and you sleep on the floor of their room until they get out.  Needless to say they were all in need of a little Christmas cheer.  We started in the Childrens place and sang some carols to some really sick babies,  But there was one room I will never forget.  We walked into a room lined with beds with no sheets.  The room was empty except for be one young mama and her sick baby in the corner.  When we came in her baby was crying.  We began to sing "Silent Night" and he stopped crying and just looked at us.  We finished and started the next carol "Away in a Manger"  we sang and the young mama took her small baby in her arms and began to rock him back and forth to the song.  As we sang the mama closed her eyes and began to cry, holding her baby close up to her chest.  When we finished she opened her eyes still crying and thanked us for coming. I've never quite felt the Christmas spirit as strong as I did in that hot, empty room.  It just reminded me that we can feel that Christmas spirit without the candies, gifts, and parties.  That was my first great gift on Christmas.

That afternoon Sister Tate and I been receive our next big Christmas gift.  Hetley and Mata were finally married!!!! I am glad we glad! This marriage been open fullup door for the two of them.  Now they will be able to be baptized as a family in just a few weeks.  Best
Christmas gift ever! We been wait long time for this to happen..definitely one Christmas miracle! After they married, Mama Mata been look at me, smiled and said, "I've been waiting many many years for this to happen, and now I'm married.  I could not be more happy."
And it was true.  They both looked happy to finally take this step together to be married...after 18 years.  Papa God works in His own time.  He is all knowing, and so as we trust in his timing, every something will work out in its own due time.  Best Christmas ever.

I love you all!! Have a great New Year! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It looks like Christmas Spirit is strong at the house!!! The lights at Temple Square are beautiful.  I am sad to have been miss the Santa party bekegen this year.  Next year I hope I am on the good list! You are the top chef! Every week I look forward to seeing all the nice
treats you been make! I'm glad you are practicing for when I get home!

Well last week Brother Ariel and Sister Nesta got baptize! They were the most prepared investigators I been look on my mission this far. Their testimonies were deeply rooted into each of their hearts.  This was especially life changing for Brother Ariel.  When I saw him go
down and come up out of the water the words of "Brightly beams our Father's mercy" came to my head.  The thought came to me that now Ariel was a new man.  The man that once described himself as a "bad man" was now completely clean.  And this is possible through the mercy blong Papa God.  How great God's mercy truly is.  To each of us.  No matter our past experiences or current shortcomings.  His mercy goat to each one of us.  He offers it to anyone that will repent and receive His mercy.  He wants too much to see every one of us will go bak and be with him again.  It's a blessing as a missionary to be able to see first hand the extent of the mercy of Papa God.

This past week we focused a lot on reactivation bekegen, and man is that discouraging.  There are a lot of "strong less actives."  Some were happy to see us, others not so happy. It seemed that we were not really making a difference this week.  But on Sunday two less active families that have not been to church in six years came.  Papa is now working on becoming worthy to use prishud power of him.  I was glad too much!! Some times the smallest notions of love that we show to people can make the bigwan difference.

Update on Heteley and Mata and their family: The two of them will be married on Christmas and now their entire family will be baptized together on January 10th.  This week was the first week that their entire family came to church together.  As I sat on that bench I been
overfilled with joy.  There is a unique spirit about families. This has been a goal that I have had my entire mission: to teach and bring a whole family into the gospel.  A lot of fasting and prayers have gone into this goal and I began to think it was not going to be possible.  But every transfer I told myself "this is it.  This is going to happen." And now, it is happening.  Papa  God will support us as we do everything in our power to achieve our goals.

Christmas won't be the same without you.  But this Christmas will be a Christmas centered on the Savior and His spirit.  We will be spending our Christmas at the hospital this year, caroling, visiting, and sharing lollies with the patients that are too sick to spend Christmas
with their families.  This Christmas no Christmas decorations, good food, or bright lights.  But I guess that is how the first Christmas was anyway: on a cold night in a stable.  Christmas is about that first gift that came- the one that wasn't wrapped or bought.  But the gift given to each of us that made it possible that we could return to live with our Father in Heaven for eternity.  The best gift.   I hope that this Christmas is a good one for all of you! I miss you! I love you! I know my Savior lives. I know He died for me, and you, and everyone in the world. I am grateful too much for all your love and support.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I love you!
Sister Brown

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Every Day Is A Blessing

Wow!! Mom, you really went all out for Christmas Dance dinner!! Everything looked cute, and like it was hard work! But I know you, you always have to make everything look all cutesy! haha. Liz looked beautiful! I hope that there were no Christmas dance dramas like mine.. remember? It is weird little bit to see inside of our house, I feel like I no been inside long time now! Benny looks HUGE! He is growing up hurry up too much! Same with Mase! Bekegen thank you too much for the awesome Christmas package!! You all are the best!

This week has been....a hard one.  Papa God has definitely been testing the two of us this week.  He has been testing us to see how bad we want the blessings.  We have been going, going, but Satan too been workin over time this week.  One day this week especially had been a pretty hard day.  It was pouring and we were soaked from head to toe.  We walked and walked trying to see our investigators but every time we came to a house they told us that they weren't there, or they did not want to see us.  I kept telling my companion "We have to keep going, there has to be a blessing behind all this." But every time that someone turned us down, or it began to rain harder she just looked at me and laughed. We continued to just try to look for the blessing: Later that day we had an appointment with Papa Ariel and Nesta. We talked about testimony and then gave them the opportunity to share their testimonies of the gospel.  The spirit was indescribable as tufala been share their strong testimonies of the gospel of Jisas Kraes.  They shared how they came to know the Book of Mormon was true.
Papa shared about how before he was a "bad man that every man hated" but through the teachings inside the gospel, he has changed.  He shared how the gospel has changed what is important to him and what he wants out of life.  He said, "I'll never be the same man because of my testimony. I'm a changed man." As I sat there the Holy Ghost just
testified to me bekegen that this is what makes the hard, rainy days worth it.  Moments of true conversion like this make all the hard times seem like nothing.  It also reminded me how this truly is the Lord's work, and he can do it himself.  My companion and I did not do
any something special, the Lord did all the work.  I am grateful too much that Papa God used my companion and I as tools in His hand. As we do the best we can and endure, he can use us as tools. He has a use for each of his children. He is the power. I know that is true. Once
we receive a true testimony, we can never be the same person we were before.

Another highlight of the week was yesterday!!! Papa Hetley with Mama Mata (his woman) and two of their kids came to church! This was mama's first time coming inside the church and she loved it! It been one great something to look a full family sit together in church. Mama could not stop smiling, this was her first time attending church with her family.  After the meeting she been talk about how much she liked church.  They will be married on December 25 and be baptize after. The work is moving!! I love it! I am glad too much for the chance I have to serve the Lord here! :) Thank you too much for every something! I love this gospel and I love you! :) Have a good week! :)

Sista Brown

Yummy yummy! This is how beautiful our food is!! :)

Poison Fish and Miracles


What did I tell you about sending pictures of food? haha. Kidding! But really! It looks like you all had a delicous and fun Thanksgiving with the fam! I am grateful for all of you!! The most Thanksgiving spirit I got this year was I drew a hand turkey and said Happy Thanksgiving! haha.  Next year! I cannot belief that Liz will be 16 tomorrow! Time flies, I remember when she was born! I am getting old!

This week has been crazy busy.  Last week of transfers! The beginning week we went to Ambae and made exchanges with the two sisters there. It was pretty busy and beautiful! My companion has sores on her legs and the sisters there thought they were doctors...haha.  I just sat back and felt sorry for my poor companion as they were digging, cutting, squeezing leaves, boiling salt etc.  The sores ended up spreading and so by the time we were finished there she was in a lot of pain and couldnt walk very good.  That's when she started to let me
be her doctor! :) haha.  Now they look really good now, just some great scars-tatoos of vanuatu! haha.

The highlight of week of us was probably Ariel and Nesta's marriage. Ariel is a big chief in Apopo Ambae (another island).  All of his children are members of the church, but when he was back on the island he never had interest in meeting with the missionaries.  Well about 2
months ago he ate poison fish and was close up dead.  The elders in his area came and gave him a blessing but the doctors insisted he be got flown to Santo to be watched.  Well that is how we met him.  We met him when he came to church two Sundays ago, and he was already ready to start lessons.  We taught him almost every day week before last, and he is the most ready man I have ever met.  Him and his wife were married on Saturday and will now be interviewed for baptism this week before they go back to Ambae next week. Through his children Papa God worked to plant small small seeds inside his heart.  This has made
it easy for him to develop a strong testimony very quickly.  That is what happens when we use faith.  Faith will make it possible for us to strengthen our testimonies quickly.  But if we don't exercise our faith it becomes weak as does testimoni. I know that every trial or hard time I been face that has tested my faith has made me stronger in the end.  I am grateful for a Papa in Heaven that know every something and knows what is best for us. I am grateful for mission that has given me the chance to watch the faith of others strengthen as they 

have come closer to Jisas Kraes.

I love all of you!! Have a good week!! :)
Sister Brown
P-day with some piknini on the beach! They kept making fun of us that
we couldnt swim!
Champane Beach
Wan mama-Mama Marie recent convert who just got put into the relief
society presidency in the branj! She took us to Champange beach on p
day a place where the WW2 army would come celebrate!
A short cut with Sista Rausika blo Tanna in Ambae!
Teaching a lesson in Ambae! Yeah that is a house!
Airport to Ambae....if anyone knows me they will be amazed that I am still
alive...and not dead from an anxiety attack!