Sunday, December 7, 2014

Every Day Is A Blessing

Wow!! Mom, you really went all out for Christmas Dance dinner!! Everything looked cute, and like it was hard work! But I know you, you always have to make everything look all cutesy! haha. Liz looked beautiful! I hope that there were no Christmas dance dramas like mine.. remember? It is weird little bit to see inside of our house, I feel like I no been inside long time now! Benny looks HUGE! He is growing up hurry up too much! Same with Mase! Bekegen thank you too much for the awesome Christmas package!! You all are the best!

This week has been....a hard one.  Papa God has definitely been testing the two of us this week.  He has been testing us to see how bad we want the blessings.  We have been going, going, but Satan too been workin over time this week.  One day this week especially had been a pretty hard day.  It was pouring and we were soaked from head to toe.  We walked and walked trying to see our investigators but every time we came to a house they told us that they weren't there, or they did not want to see us.  I kept telling my companion "We have to keep going, there has to be a blessing behind all this." But every time that someone turned us down, or it began to rain harder she just looked at me and laughed. We continued to just try to look for the blessing: Later that day we had an appointment with Papa Ariel and Nesta. We talked about testimony and then gave them the opportunity to share their testimonies of the gospel.  The spirit was indescribable as tufala been share their strong testimonies of the gospel of Jisas Kraes.  They shared how they came to know the Book of Mormon was true.
Papa shared about how before he was a "bad man that every man hated" but through the teachings inside the gospel, he has changed.  He shared how the gospel has changed what is important to him and what he wants out of life.  He said, "I'll never be the same man because of my testimony. I'm a changed man." As I sat there the Holy Ghost just
testified to me bekegen that this is what makes the hard, rainy days worth it.  Moments of true conversion like this make all the hard times seem like nothing.  It also reminded me how this truly is the Lord's work, and he can do it himself.  My companion and I did not do
any something special, the Lord did all the work.  I am grateful too much that Papa God used my companion and I as tools in His hand. As we do the best we can and endure, he can use us as tools. He has a use for each of his children. He is the power. I know that is true. Once
we receive a true testimony, we can never be the same person we were before.

Another highlight of the week was yesterday!!! Papa Hetley with Mama Mata (his woman) and two of their kids came to church! This was mama's first time coming inside the church and she loved it! It been one great something to look a full family sit together in church. Mama could not stop smiling, this was her first time attending church with her family.  After the meeting she been talk about how much she liked church.  They will be married on December 25 and be baptize after. The work is moving!! I love it! I am glad too much for the chance I have to serve the Lord here! :) Thank you too much for every something! I love this gospel and I love you! :) Have a good week! :)

Sista Brown

Yummy yummy! This is how beautiful our food is!! :)

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