Sunday, December 7, 2014

Poison Fish and Miracles


What did I tell you about sending pictures of food? haha. Kidding! But really! It looks like you all had a delicous and fun Thanksgiving with the fam! I am grateful for all of you!! The most Thanksgiving spirit I got this year was I drew a hand turkey and said Happy Thanksgiving! haha.  Next year! I cannot belief that Liz will be 16 tomorrow! Time flies, I remember when she was born! I am getting old!

This week has been crazy busy.  Last week of transfers! The beginning week we went to Ambae and made exchanges with the two sisters there. It was pretty busy and beautiful! My companion has sores on her legs and the sisters there thought they were doctors...haha.  I just sat back and felt sorry for my poor companion as they were digging, cutting, squeezing leaves, boiling salt etc.  The sores ended up spreading and so by the time we were finished there she was in a lot of pain and couldnt walk very good.  That's when she started to let me
be her doctor! :) haha.  Now they look really good now, just some great scars-tatoos of vanuatu! haha.

The highlight of week of us was probably Ariel and Nesta's marriage. Ariel is a big chief in Apopo Ambae (another island).  All of his children are members of the church, but when he was back on the island he never had interest in meeting with the missionaries.  Well about 2
months ago he ate poison fish and was close up dead.  The elders in his area came and gave him a blessing but the doctors insisted he be got flown to Santo to be watched.  Well that is how we met him.  We met him when he came to church two Sundays ago, and he was already ready to start lessons.  We taught him almost every day week before last, and he is the most ready man I have ever met.  Him and his wife were married on Saturday and will now be interviewed for baptism this week before they go back to Ambae next week. Through his children Papa God worked to plant small small seeds inside his heart.  This has made
it easy for him to develop a strong testimony very quickly.  That is what happens when we use faith.  Faith will make it possible for us to strengthen our testimonies quickly.  But if we don't exercise our faith it becomes weak as does testimoni. I know that every trial or hard time I been face that has tested my faith has made me stronger in the end.  I am grateful for a Papa in Heaven that know every something and knows what is best for us. I am grateful for mission that has given me the chance to watch the faith of others strengthen as they 

have come closer to Jisas Kraes.

I love all of you!! Have a good week!! :)
Sister Brown
P-day with some piknini on the beach! They kept making fun of us that
we couldnt swim!
Champane Beach
Wan mama-Mama Marie recent convert who just got put into the relief
society presidency in the branj! She took us to Champange beach on p
day a place where the WW2 army would come celebrate!
A short cut with Sista Rausika blo Tanna in Ambae!
Teaching a lesson in Ambae! Yeah that is a house!
Airport to Ambae....if anyone knows me they will be amazed that I am still
alive...and not dead from an anxiety attack!

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