Monday, January 5, 2015

Ambae Adventures

I didn't get an "official" email from Sister Brown this week, but was able to communicate with her back and forth.  I'll try to some up our conversation.

This week we were training sisters on Ambae.  We left Monday and had plane tickets back to Santo on Wednesday.  One of the Elder's had a family emergency, so we traded them our tickets (coming back Wednesday) for their tickets (coming back Friday).  The only problem was that we didn't have changes of clothing to accommodate the length of our stay. I told her to ask a member to wash them in their washing machine and she laughed.  The ocean seems to be their means of washing clothing.

On Friday they went to the airport to fly back to Santo and the flight got canceled because of strong winds.  The airlines told them they were booked until January 17th.  On Saturday they went back to the airlines and begged for a flight.  I kind gentleman snuck them onto a small plane.  It was overbooked so there were 15 year olds sitting on their Dad's laps.  Lap riding on the airplane.  The young pilot been look back before take off and said, "Is everyone at
least sitting down?" We all replied, "Yes, just go!" hahaha  We made it, dirty, smelly, but we made it!  

We were happy to get back since we had slept on the floor for a week with the was quite the adventure. 
I have given all my things away.  I only kept the dresses because they will never wear them. 

-with mama Rose in Amber

-carrying Cato (flour) back to the house...we  were hungry for cato! :)

a family in ambae that (they been give me calico(one custom for people
that are leaving)

eating bat….yumm

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