Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Zone Conference

Sister Brown did not send an official email this week.  However, I was able to communicate with her a little back and forth, so this information is from me:

My companion and I were trying to fly out to Ambae to train Sisters there.  The plane had too much cargo, so our flight got cancelled.  We will try to fly out next week.

Well, Santo is a little different than Malekula.  It is really nice, but the people aren't as friendly.  In the city there are stores, and roads.  We live outside the city, but the place we live is nice, it has lights.  We never cook, we eat with our neighbors.  We eat a lot of fresh pineapple, other fruits and vegetables.  We go to a family house at night and make laplap.

I went to my last Zone Conference.  We have them every 3 months, I will be returning in two.  It was sad to bear my testimony for the last time in Zone Conference.

Weird picture..but sometimes I get to be a nurse out here.  This is a
picture Sister Smith one couple missionary took.  This is Mickey.  He
cant talk or hear, we are teaching his mom. We came to teach his mom,
but he had fallen and a big bamboo had gone through his leg.  


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