Sunday, September 14, 2014

Malekula Miracle

Sorry sorry sorry ol famle!!!! Last week the internet connection was no good and so we did not get to email! But for a small time nomo!

Well this week was a spiritually uplifting week...but a BUSY one! And I mean busy! We did not sit down much this week! haha.  We had zone conference this week, a general authority, President Brewer and His wife come and a district conference! But I want to share the Malekula Miracle that happened this week.

This week we had Elder Tukuafu, an area seventy from Tonga, come to our little island of Malekula. He spoke in our small zone conference in our bush chapel and then addressed all the Saints here in Malekula at a district conference for the entire island.  Okay so let me back up a little bit. So right now here in Vanuatu we are in the dry season...and oh has this one been a dry one.  Many companionships of missionaries have been taken out of different areas because of the lack of water.  The water tanks are close up dry, the gardens are really dry....everything is just dry.  Sister Brewer said that when they flew into Malekula instead of the lush green they looked brown and yellow.  

Now this lack of water is a huge deal for us in the islands because the people here survive off of their gardens.  Too much sun + no rain=wan bigfala problem and lots of empty stomachs! Anyways, we  have just been praying and praying for rain.  Well on Saturday Elder Tukuafu came and gave a great talk in the adult session of district conference.  Everyone was sooo excited that "a man of the prophet" came to Malekula.  Plenty of people came to hear him speak. Well at the conclusion of his talk he paused, looked up and said, " I hear you all want more water.  So I will leave a blessing of water with you." He addressed us the next day backegen and then he jumped in the truck to catch his flight. Well as I was sleeping Sunday night/ Monday morning, I woke up to a HUGE rainstorm.  It rained and rained heavy rain until mid afternoon today.  When I got out of bed and looked outside I woke up my companion and said, "The church is true." I know without a shadow of doubt that all of the leaders in this church are called of God.  Priesthood power is the power of God.  It is the same power by which God created the heavens and earth, and with this power anything is possible.  I know that Papa God is very aware of each of us.  He knows each of His children.  Even us out here in the outer islands.  He has not forgotten us.  And he has promised that He will never forget us.  He hears our cries, and sometimes He cries with us.  I know He lives.  I know He loves us.  Indeed "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me." Every. single. Day.

I love each one of you! Continue to press forward, continue to do hard things.  Because the longer you do something hard, the better you get at it.  I know this is true.  If life was easy we would never learn, we would never become better.  But life is hard, but you are stronger
than you think.
Sister Brown

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