Sunday, January 26, 2014

Swimming In The Streets

Ehhh!!! You no wore tumas Mama! hahaha.  Sorry big wan that I have not been replying very well these last few weeks!! Things have been really busy here and we barely have any time on p days to make emails. Thank you too much for all of the pictures!! Man, every one is growing up way to fast! I feel sooo old!!! Please tell everyone thank you too much for all of the Christmas cards I just got them and they are wonderful!  It is so good to see everyone(well pictures).  I love those Ice Castles!! They are freaky small because if one broke on your head you would definietly be dead...just something to think about next time! ;) haha.  It sounds like every one is doing well.  Oh my..those pictures about that tiny mouse.. hahahahaha I bin show my companions and they were laughing of dead that you were freaking out about a mouse that could fit into a small cup! hahaha.  I will try to catch a picture of the rats for you! They are so fat I am pretty sure one could eat Bella!
Things here are looking up!! I have been able to walk, and the rash is getting a lot better!! It is only on my face now... great place to choose to stay huh? No, but the rash just looks like...a redish burn thing...but I am taking all my medicines and my native companions have been putting all sorts of leaves on it and it is getting so much better!! So yes I did get transferred to Vila. I was sad to leave all my family in Tanna, but I will go back! Right now I am serving in an area called Ohlen with Namburu.  It is a HUGE area! And I am white washing it, and training a new sister! This means that I had no idea who any one was in the area when I first got here! Zero! I still barely know the roads, but I have become the queen of asking for directions.  Every day I pass these Papas that are selling goods and every day I would ask them which way I needed to go, and they are so sick of it so now every time they see "Marazel" (white man in their language) they just point their fingers to which way I need to go. It is like one personal navigation system for me! Who needs Siri? haha.  So yes, right now I am in a threesome.  Both of my companions are from Vanuatu, one from Vila and the other one from Tanna.  The one I am training is from Tanna, so we are able to talk the language that I learned in Tanna.  She is great, she does not know any English and she did not go to school before.  My Mission President has asked me to teach her English so that after her mission she can go to school.  So every day I teach her English for an hour!  She has been catching on pretty well, and so now we can have small conversations in English! I have been learning a lot of patience, maybe when I come home I will be able to help Liz with homework without throwing pencils! ;)
Yeah that cyclone...oh my...we have gotten red skies and RAIN that I could not even believe.  Our area is all soft mud so when it rains it all just gathers.  All the kids bin just swimming in the roads... literally.  We went to go and teach and one little boy jumped off the mango tree and just swam in the middle of the road.  I will try to send some pictures.  But needless to say I survived my first bad tropical storm!! :) No crying included!!
I am out of time, But I love you all and I hope you have a great week!! :) :)
Yolkokakaeek!!!! :) 

*editors note:  I edited a little to help with the reading flow.  Some I just couldn't figure out and left, and others I thought were endearing and left as written.

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