Monday, August 12, 2013

Hastening The Work

Happy Monday Everyone!

Benjamin Hunter Brown and Elizabeth Nicole Brown: TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTHER!!!! Try to feed her at least every 12 hours!!! ;) But really!! Take care of her!! Mom, I am soo sorry that you have been sick! That sounds awful!! I hope that the medicine helps and you can get better fast! STAY DOWN! I know you and how you have a go go go personality, but you need to take it easy or you are never going to get better! If you don't stay down I am going to have Meagan and Sarah come over and tie you to the bed so you have no option.  I hope that at least Bella is doing her job and taking care of you! :)  Please send me Sister P's address I would love to write her a letter!! I love her to death and tell her hi from me and give her a big ol Kate hug for me! :)  Sounds like everything else is going pretty well in B town though! I sent Mase a birthday letter so I hope he can read it!! :) Tell E that I'll be at her farewell in spirit and I know she will do a fantastic job!!!! Thank you so much for that talk from President Eyring! I am trying to print it once this person next to me stops printing like a book or something! And that is so awesome that they are running out of names at the temple! That means that the youth of the stakes/wards are doing their jobs!  THAT IS AWESOME! I love hearing from you! Keep on being amazing!! :)

So this week was....great!!! hahaha.  We had a fantastic zone conference! It was really sooo much fun! We got instructed for awhile and we had a few recent converts bear their testimonies! The spirit was so strong, and the training we received was so inspired!  As my companion and I applied the training, we were able to get a lot of referrals and had many less actives come to church yesterday! The Lord always blesses us when we strive to grow! We have been focusing a lot this week on showing the members the hastening the work website! It is amazing! For family home evening tonight you should take a few minutes and visit and check out the videos! They focus a lot on how members and missionaries need to work together to bring souls unto Christ! I never realized how essential it is to use members to find people to teach until I came out here.  While I was back home I thought that sharing the gospel with others was way too scary! But I have learned that when we share the gospel with our friends and family members we are just doing it out of love.  We should want our loved ones and friends to enjoy the blessings and happiness that come from being a part of this great gospel!!
My bad luck with cars has followed me onto my mission! haha. This week we got into a smallish accident with someone that spoke little to no English.  It was really interesting to say the least! I felt really bad for him because he didn't have any registration/insurance and couldn't find his drivers license.  The best part was... IT WASNT MY FAULT THIS TIME!! haha surprise!! I don't even drive, but still it felt soo great to not be on the opposite end this time! ;)  I don't know if I told you, but I got drug by an investigators car!  It was probably the most terrifying experience in my entire life.  I am not really hurt at all, my ankle is a little sore because it was twisted under the car a little bit, but other than that I am just extra cautious when it comes to getting in and out of cars! Heavenly Father definitely blessed me by allowing me to not get hurt!

I hope that you all have an amazing week!!! Invite someone to church, and try to be an example to those around you!!! :)  I attached a picture of the cutest little baby named Zamira.  She is 3 months old and I just had to share her cuteness! I also attached a picture of my companion and I...we struggle a little bit!! haha. I love you all!! And I hope you start feeling better Mom!! :)
I love you!!!
Sister Brown

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