Monday, August 26, 2013


We didn't receive an e-mail from Kate today because she is on her way to Vanuatu!

Meagan and I talked with her briefly last night before she took her 10 hour flight to Fiji.  She seems really happy and good.  Maybe just a little tired from traveling.

They asked her to speak Friday night in her ward in Baltimore on Sunday.  She felt a little overwhelmed needing to pack for Vanuatu, and write a talk in one night but she did it!  My the things kids learn to do on their missions!

She loves her mission President and his wife and the people of Baltimore.  She will miss them!

I have heard through a missionary mom Internet site, that the missionaries in Vanuatu only e-mail or write every two to three weeks.  I'm hoping that they are misinformed.  Hopefully, I won't have to fly to Vanuatu to straighten that out:).

She appreciates all the love and support from everyone!  Thanks for writing her!  

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