Monday, March 10, 2014

Time Management

Hola Famle!

Wow it sounds like things at home are busy as usual! I can no belief
that the Braves took is about time! They always got soo
far, it is good that they finally took state!  It sounds like the
tradition of going to all the games is still going, that's great! Okay
that is nuts that all of these young kids in our ward have their
mission calls!! They make me feel old too much!! Sheesh! that is
amazing! They are going to kill it out here!  Poor Liz! I am
terrified of dogs now! They are soo freaky! Especially the big ones! I
hope her leg is doing better! We have tons and tons of dogs around our
house and sometimes they are nice, but when we come after dark they
always try to attack us! I am terrified and so now I always break a
big stick before we try to cross the yard.  Whenever they get too
close I whack them and run for my life!! (My companion and I decided
that when it comes to dog attacks every man for himself) My advice to
Liz is to do the same! Carry a big stick! :)

Another great week here in Malekula! Our main focus this week has been
on trying to strengthen our branch. The church is still pretty new
here and so we are working to try to train all of the leaders of the
branch on their callings.  Our goal is to help this branch to function
properly like a ward. We have been meeting with our Branch President
almost every day to try to help him understand what his work is and
what our work is.  We are slowly but surely making progress with him.
We had our first real "Auxillary" meeting this Sunday.  It went a lot
better than our last "Auxillary meeting" This time I made sure that
there was an agenda drawn and I politely kicked out anyone that was
not a leader in the branch. We were able to sit down and go through
each auxillary and figure out what we could do to improve.  The main
issue is that the leaders do not understand their callings.  You have
to keep in mind that all of these leaders are recent converts
themselves and do not know a whole lot about how the church works or
is set up.  This week we will be meeting with the Relief Society
president to explain what visiting teaching is and to help her
understand her calling a little bit better. In our meeting one thing
that I discussed was time.  Oh please, my patience has gotten SOOO
big. Our church is supposed to start at 9.  Yesterday we started at
11:30 and my patience was wearing VERY very thin.  So yesterday in our
meeting we discussed ideas on how to be on time.  Every auxillary kept
making excuses that they don't have a watch or clock to watch time and
so finally I said, alraet this is what is going to happen: we are
going to get someone's cellphone and set an alarm for 9,10, and 11 and
when that alarm goes off the Elders quorum president is going to go
and beat bamboo on the copper so we know that it is time to start the
next class. haha.  They all were a little surprised at my proposed
solution, but now everyone is arguing over who will get to hit the
copper with bamboo next Sunday..haha like I said it is a work in
progress still! :) But  I am so excited about the small spark of
progress that we have been able to make in our branch.  I know that in
order to help missionary work progress in this area we must have a
stable, healthy branch first! Slow and steady wins the race eh? haha

I really could not be happier out here! I love the work and I LOVE the
people here! They have seriously changed everything about me and I
could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to serve here! :)

I love all of you and I hope you have a great week!! :) :) Keep
chuggin through 2 Nifae!

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