Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Sister Trainer

Thank you too much for all the birthday wishes! I offically feel
old. I love my singing birthday card! You always send creative
things! I am glad that now that I am 21 I wont be carted off to
prison when I get home. I was a little worried there for a second.
Police hate me for some reason. Galll you and your young women
live the night, pizza, cookies..please I am dying!  No
just kidding, I am happy with my banana and breakfast crackers the ship
brought in this week!  Tell Benny to keep up the good work. And Liz
looks like she is quite the cheerleader now. I bet she will kill it at
tryouts. I bet things get a little boring on your walks now
because Bella doesnt really sing T Swift too well...But keep up the
hard work mama. I can no belief that Sista Schusta messaged you!
Awieo she was a great friend of mine out here! Crazy how people that I
knew out here are already home…weird. It sounds like things are
great at home. This email will be pretty short because I am
sharing one internet cord with three of us in the

This week was busy busy busy! We have been teaching a former NTM
Elder (big man in the NTM church here) his name is Kampol.  He knows
the Bible like the back of his hand, but Papa God has been softening
his heart for a long time now.  He left the NTM church because of some
fight and since then he has come to our church every single week. One
something that I have bin learn about teaching pastors or big men in
other churches, is that the spirit is absolutely vital to have when you
teach men that have a lot of knowledge about different churches. I
have found that "bible bashing" is never the way to go.  The best way
to go about it is to build upon the knowledge that they already have.
Fan the small flame that they already have.  We have spent weeks
trying to truly understand what his beliefs are, and this week we saw
the fruits of our labors.  We were teaching about baptism and I felt
like I should invite him to be baptized.  When I first got the
prompting I was like..."that is not going to be happen.  I am too
scared" But it came again and again and then I finally just invited
him.  He then told us that he had already been baptized 3 times, but
now he understands that the men that baptized him did not have any
authority from God.  I was dying...He accepted the invitation to be
baptized next month. Papa God is definietly a God of miracles! Kampol
already acts like he is a member of the branch.  Every night him and 2
other priesthood leaders in our branch get together and story until
late so none of them go drink kava at the nakamal He is even going
with all the priesthood to the bush this week to cut wood for a new
church house of branch of us.

This week was transfer week. It turns out I will be staying in my area
and training two new companion backegen and one new
sister from Tahiti! I will be teaching her Bislama bekegen as well. I
have also been called to serve as the new sister training leader for
Malekula island.  I am pretty excited for the new adventure of
training two and helping with the sisters on the island. It will be
quite the adventure! The work never stops moving here. I just hope and
pray that my two trainees get along. And that I don't get beat up
by any of them!  No, jeek nomo, it will be great!! A learning
experience for all three of us.  I am excited too much that I will be
staying in my area. I seriously love all the members in my area, they
are just like family to me now! I love being a missionary!
I love and pray for each of you every single dei. Thank you too much
for all the support!
Have a great week!

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