Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slumber Party

Hello Family!

I am telling true when I say that time is flying by!  It looks like you all have had a blast in St. George! You all are always up to something fun and exciting!! Tell Benny to wait, the fun sister will be back in 2015! Tell all of those girly girls to get in the water! Sheesh!! It was
crazy to see the area of the condo bekegen! So many memories of our frequent trips down there, I am glad you all got to go! The good old suburban ride down to St. George. Poor Mase. I hate to say it, but I think it might have been the driver that made him puke. hahaha.

This week was a little crazy, but all is well for those who just go with the flow. haha. Monday and Tuesday a sister from another area in Malekula came and stayed with us.  She was waiting for her companion that came on Wednesday. There is not a lot of communication here and so we got a call 15 minutes before her flight landed telling us that
two new sisters were coming to Malekula to stay with us. We were pretty excited to go and greet all of them. Wednesday night every sister in Malekula stayed with us, that was a fun slumber party. We got another new companion. I am training one from Fiji and one from
Tahiti. The one from Tahiti, Sista Veiho,  is so nice but she speaks zero english, just French. Mainly we speak in sign language. It is awesome! When we don't understand each other, we just look at each other with that, you are so nice and cute but I cannot understand
a word you are saying look, and shrug our shoulders and laugh haha.

Wednesday night when all the sisters were staying with us I got a call at 9 telling me that me and the two Zone Leaders would be flying out tomorrow at 10.  (Elders and their communication skills...) haha.  I felt sorry leaving my two companions that couldn't speak to each other together, but I did not really have a choice. I tried my best to make plans for them so they were not completely lost, and I even gave them names of some French students to go visit, so Sista Veiho could at least talk to someone. :) I packed my bags that night and left the next morning.

Friday we had a leadership meetings with all the Zone Leaders and the two AP's in the mission with President and Sister Brewer. All the Zone Leaders have companions that are Zone Leaders with them but there are only three of us Sister Training Leaders in the mission, one for each island, so the sisters were well out numbered. President Brewer gave us great training and announced some exciting changes in our mission, it was a really exciting meeting. Me and the two Zone Leaders were supposed to fly back to Malekula on Saturday morning, but the Elders were holding the tickets and missed the flight time! haha But the work keeps moving no matter the delays. I got to go back and serve in my old eria in Ohlen until Monday morning when I came back to Malekula! It was seriously such a treat to be able to go back and see all of our recent converts in Ohlen! It really just showed me that when missionaries transfer the work does not skip a beat. Everyone keeps on progressing because it isn't about the missionary that teaches, but it is about this gospel that changes people's lives. Missionaries or teachers can change and change, but the message of the gospel will always be the same.  I got to see a bunch of recent converts that I bin teach when I was there and it was amazing to see how much their testimonies have already grown. Sometimes we are there to plant the seeds, but it sure is great to see the fruits of those seeds

I am excited to get back into the swing of things this week and we also have Zone Conference. Thank you too much for all the packages you sent! I feel so spoiled!! I feel like I have everything I am going to need for the next 9 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will start to use those medicines this week and let you know how the oils work. The pillowcases are adorable! Thank you too much for the hard work of making them!! I love them! And now guess what?? I HAVE A BED! No more sleeping on the floor for this sista!  I am pretty excited to use my new pillow case on my bed this week!

I love all of you! And I hope that you have a great week!! Keep
on making family pray and skripja study!! 

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