Monday, April 28, 2014

Watch Out Where You Sit

Hello Family!!!

First of all sorry too much about last week...the internet has been no
good here lately. Thanks for all of the fotos!!! You all look great! Man everyone is
getting so old!! Mason is HUGE!!!! I don't even recognize him! haha.  It looks like Easter was a huge success another great Easter Egg hunt with Grandpa Brown!

This week was a great week! I really could not have asked for a better week. Last Monday we had an Easter Monday activity at both our branch in Litz Litz and our unit in Tautu.  We spent the morning cooking with all the mamas and then played all afternoon and closed
with a devotional in the evening.  It was a huge success! One of our investigators Mama Klaris came with her whole family. She has been investigating the church for years, but her husband was  blocking her from joining.  When we first started coming to visit her her husband would literally run every time he saw us coming.  We started praying
and praying every day that Papa God would soften his heart somehow.  A month later we started to see changes. I knew we were making progress when for the first time last month he came and shook hands with us.  I was like.."Uh huh...there ya go...slow slow.." haha.  A few weeks later he came and sat on the edge of the bench while we taught Mama. The next week we came Mama told us that Papa had quit kava and smoke and that she caught him reading the Buk of momon 3 times that week. Since then, every time we come to see Mama, Papa will come and participate in the lesson.  We invited him to come to church last week, but he didn't come.  I was like.. "Oh no..Papa God has worked way too hard on you for you to slip away..I am not giving up on this one."  

Monday we were on our way to the activity and we decided to go and try to invite him to come.  And guess what? He came! Him, mama, and all the kids came to the activity
and stayed the whole time. Papa was all smiles the whole time and now he calls us to make sure we are coming every day.  It is amazing how Papa God can work to soften even the hearts that seem like they are too hard.  I am glad too much because we have been fasting and praying to find a family to bring into the gospel and there ya go. The
joys of missionary work.

Okay so I have to tell these two funny stories because I was dying. Okay so we have had bad luck with sitting this week. First one, we were teaching a recent convert Glendon.  His house was chaotic so we went down to a little shelter down by the beach.  There were us
three, him and a member and so we could not all sit on the bench. Seeing that there was not enough sitting space I grabbed a small cut tree stump and put it down for me to sit on.  Everyone had sat down to start the lesson, and I went to sit down.  Next minute I was falling
backwards with my legs failing in the air.  I guess I didn't plant the tree stump as firm as I thought. When I got my skirt pulled back down, I looked at everyone else and they busted out laughing.  hahaha I was so embarrassed and so I tried to act like nothing happened. I was
like.."Well, now the spirit is here, let's start" haha how embarrassing.

The next story wasn't me thank goodness! But it was a similar situation.  We were teaching two new investigators and a Papa had come with us to help us.  Sista Vieho, papa,Sista Tenge and me were sitting on a bench teaching when all of the sudden we heard this big crack and I looked over and sister vieho and papa were on the ground and the
bench was snapped in half..hahahaha we were ded laughing....lesson to
be out where you sit...hahahaha.

I love my mission.  I love watching Papa God work with people's hearts.  I love watching people change their lives.  I know that every single one of you has the ability and responsibility to do missionary work.  There are people all around us that need our help.  President Monson said, "Along your pathway of life you will observe you are not the only traveler.  There are others who need your help.  There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save."  As we go about our daily activities let us look around with the eyes of Christ.  Be aware, and Papa God will help you help one of His children.  You could be the answer to someone's prayer today.  Don't delay a prompting to help someone that you meet on your way.  You never know the effect you can be on someone else's life.  I know that when life gets hard the best way to look is outward. Instead of focusing on yourself and what is not good, turn outward just as Christ did.  I hope you all have a great week!! :) I love
you!!! :)

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