Sunday, June 29, 2014

By Small Things, Great Things Come To Pass

Sorry Sorry Sorry Ol Family!!!

Mom I am glad that all the kids spoiled you on your birthday! I hope that you got time to rest! The trip looked like a blast. I am not the least bit surprised, mom always knows how to have a party! is amazing how life can change in just one week! Meg and Quinn moved out?? That is great! I am happy for them! But Sorry that now you wont see Mase as much anymore!! Man, what are you going to do with yourself now? No YW, no kids at
home...It sounds like you will finally be able to retire? hahaha.  I guess you can never really retire from being a mom. 

It sounds like all the farewells have been great! I am excited for all the experiences that they are going to have out here in the field!! Ben sounds like a sports fanatic, sheesh does that kid ever rest? You need to take the boat out!!! You always told me.." I'm the man!" So I know
that taking the boat out will not be a problem for you!! Just please don't drop the keys in the water! :) Sorry that I have not been great at emailing lately, I hope you will forgive me! Don't worry, I have not forgotten all of you, things have just been pretty crazy! But that is not an excuse!  I will be better!

These past couple of weeks have been pretty challenging.  And by pretty challenging I mean..really hard.  This week President and Sister Brewer came to our island for some meetings and Zone Conference.  Papa God definietly answered a lot of my prayers through
their wise counsel.  In one of our meetings with President and Sister Brewer they showed a viedo about all the attributes of Jisas Kraes. If you have not watched should! It shows His life and all of the attributes that he had.  Jisas Kraes was completely perfect, he never made one mistake, but yet he was still an outcast to His people. He served His entire life, but yet people hated him and rejected Him. The path He walked through life was a lonely one.  

These past few weeks we have faced a lot of opposition.  Sometimes as missionaries we feel as if we walk alone.  But I have learned that we are never alone. No matter how many people reject this great message, no matter how many different trials we face, Papa God will never allow us to walk alone because Jisas Kraes him already walked the lonely path. If we want to be a disciple of Kraes we must be willing to walk a small portion of that lonely path that he walked.  If we endure, in the last day we can rest with him.
In that same meeting President counseled us "Don't be afraid to do hard things." This is something I have defnietly learned these past few weeks.  Hard times are the times that we grow the most.  Hard times give us a choice-we can choose to become bitter and harden our
hearts or we can humble ourselves, soften our hearts, and determine to do better.

Another thing I have learned these past few weeks is when we feel like we are facing a hard time we must take time to look for the small and simple blessings that occur every single day.  Five months ago when I came into this area I met a less active papa Alfred.  Alfred had been baptized several years earlier but had since "left the church." Just by looking at him you could see that Satan had indeed done his work on him.  Ever since I have come into this area I have made a special effort to be sure to visit him as much as possible.  He is the only member in his family and needs all the help he can get.  When we would visit him, many different people would make comments and tell us we were wasting our time.  We could continue to invite him to make changes in his life, but he would continue to stay the same.  To be honest, I felt as though we were making no difference in his life.  But yesterday when church started, I looked back and saw papa sitting in the back row in his white shirt.  He had his new scriptures with him and he was just shining.  Like literally, I could not stop smiling.  Something was just so different about him. After the meeting we went to go visit him and he was so happy! We started the lesson and he looked at us and said..I did it.  I
have quit kava and smoke and I have seen blessings.  I will never go back.  Thank you for not giving up on me.  I have just tried it for this one week and I have seen blessings already in my home.  I have seen my wife's (not a member) heart come softer, we have money for
food, the blessings just keep coming. My companion and I were so happy. The scripture in 1 Nifae 16:29 is true.  By small things (small visits) great things come to pass.  He is the power. The power of the atonement can heal even the most broken of people. We have been facing full up hard things, but now we have one more worthy Melkezidik prishud holder in our branch! (There are only 3) Papa God he has his own purpose for each of us!

Even though I have been through some hard times as a missionary lately, I am happy.  I love missionary work.  Time is going by too fast!!! I am grateful for all the support and love that you all give me! It means the world to me!! I love all of you!!! :)
Have a good week!!! :) :)

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