Monday, February 10, 2014

Dunge Feva

Dear Family!!!
Man time is flying by, it bin seem like just yesterday that I was emailing you all. It sounds like all of you had another busy but great week!  Tell Benny I am proud of him for the Spelling Bee! That is awesome!  As for all the relative news wow...everyone is having a baby and getting married!! Tell everyone congratulations for me!! You no worry mom, when I get home I will go back to being the boss and doing all the grocery shopping!!

This week has been pretty..different!! haha. This week one of my companions went back to the house.  She is from here and so she just took a small bus ride back to the house! haha.  It is crazy to see people go back to the house! But at the beginning of the week we went to a family house night in our area.  Like I said before water is full up in our area and so mosquitos are all over!! My companion got bit by a mosquito and the next day she came down with Dunge Feva.  Man it is bad bad bad.  Every night she cries from night until morning and there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do for her.  It is a viral disease and they call it "broken bones disease" from se it is very pain.  She had a fever for 5 days and she would just sweat and sweat.  Ontop of that she has 4 boils that are pain too.  Needless to say she is in pain too much.  It is kinda not usual for a Native to get the disease, but I guess there is a first for everything.  She can't walk about so we have just been in the house for most of week.
But every week in the mission field brings miracles regardless of all setbacks:  Our first miracle this week was with two of our investigators Claudia and Sussan.  Missionaries have been teaching them for over a year and for that whole time their Abu has told them that they are not allowed to get baptize.  My companion and I have been fasting and praying for the heart of their Abu to soften.  On Monday we asked them to ask her back again and she said yes! Now those two will have their interview on Saturday! Every something works out in the Lord's timing!! Our second miracle this week was with one papa in our area.  He is not a member, but his son and daughter are.  His son just went to Samoa to go to an LDS school and so his heart has been really softened by all of the help and opportunities the church has provided for his son.  I decided that now is a good time to see if he is interested in hearing more about the church.  This week we went and visited him and just talked with him and bin invite to church. But after that day my companion fell sick so we weren't able to go back.  I was shocked when I went to church on Sunday and he was there.  He cried as he sat in Sacrament meeting and heard all the talks. After the meeting I went and talked with him and he said, "Sista, see you at the house on Wednesday" haha. Talk about a miracle!! :) I could not be more glad!

We heard transfers on Saturday and I will be training back again in my same area!!  I have no idea where my companion is from, but I am excited for a new adventure with a new companion!
oh yeah, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!! :) :) :) Lavem yufala big wan!!! :) :)
Sista Braon

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