Monday, February 24, 2014


Raamsomee Takeme!!
Wowza Sakatene! It sounds like you all bin had a great week!!! I do not even want to hear these stories about Rio Grande because when I get home, after I eat my 50 piece McDonalds chicken nuggets, you better believe that we are going to Rio! :) haha.  But that is pretty gross that you found something in your food!! Sometimes when things like that happen out here I just close my eyes and pretend it is a spice! ;) haha.  Thank you too much for sending all my taxes in...haha I am already wanted by the police when I get home as is, so thank you for not making it the FBI too! :) Oh good ol YW basketball! I remember my first game as a beehive and dad came to watch.  In the first 2 quarters all I had done is fouled people and he got so embarrassed at my lack of skills that he snuck out at half time! haha.  Girls "camp"sounds like it is going to be amazing! Sister Wright always knows how to have a good time!! Please pass a hello to her from me!! Sheesh! I hope that you all have to sleep in tents and go to the bathroom outside a few times...if you are staying in nice houses you are not allowed to call it girls camp, but it must be "girls vacation!" I did not even recognize Mase in those pictures!! He is HUGE!!! You really need to make a life size cut out of me so that he will still like me the best when I get home!!
This week has been...haha. Great! It is sooooo hot!!! We have been facing a lot a lot a lot of opposition, but the work is moving slowly. In our area we cover three areas: Litz Litz, Norsup, and Tautu.  On Thursday we were walking to Tautu with a member when it started pouring, pouring, rain. I only had my umbrella and so I gave it to the member so at least she could stay dry! When the rain was not slowing down, my companion and the member kept asking me if we should turn back and wait it out. They were both pretty discouraged when I told them that we needed to keep going.  One thing I have learned on my mission is to never turn back.  Just keep going forward.  Well when we had walked in the rain for an hour, I heard some sniffling and I looked and saw that my companion's new missionary enthusiasam was completely gone(she just got here), and her smile was hidden with tears.  I turned to her and said, "Sista, these are the days of your mission that you will never forget.  Satan will always try his hardest when he knows that there are people waiting for us after the storm."  She took a little courage in my words and an hour later we reached Tautu.  That day we found a young girl Louisanne and her sister Marilyn.  They were sitting on the side of the road when I tried to talk to them a little bit.  They told me that they were Catholic but had not been in a long time.  They invited us to come to their house and now the whole family is investigating the church! We could not be more excited!! Prosperity is a great teacher, but adversity is a greater teacher.  I have learned through the hard times that when we are willing to push through hard things, Papa God will always bless us.  Some blessings come later than we want, but they will always come!!

I hope you all have a great week!!! :) I love you all!!!! :) :)

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