Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hello again!!
hahaha sorry, I thought I was completely out of time, but it looks like I have a little bit left!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?! So today I went to the health clinic to pick up my malaria medicine, and when I got to the front desk the nurse was like, "Sister Brown, we have been looking for you,come!"  So I followed her and all the Elders that are going to Vanuatu were in the back patient room.  I sat down and they were like... we have to get blood tests in case we get diseases so they can know how to treat us... I didnt know what to do... I was in a skirt so I couldn't kick...there were people talking in front of the door so I couldnt bolt so I just started breathing... I was hyperventilating...real bad!!! I could not stop myself!!! I didnt want to cry in front of the people I would be traveling with so I tried to be brave...but I couldnt stop hyperventilating.  I could feel myself sweating and my eyes started to get watery.  The nurse came in and looked at me and  said, "Sister....SISTER...SISTER!!! You have to stop breathing like that, you are about to pass out..."  I kept trying to slow my breathing down, but I couldnt! She got big eyes and was like.. "How old are you Sister?"  I wanted to say 10 or something, but I knew she would know I was lying so I just stared at her...haha She gave me this embarrassing giant bunny to hold, and did it! I DIDNT EVEN CRY!!!!!!!!! I got a blood test and i didnt even CRY!!!!!! I was soo excited!!! You should be a proud mama!!
Talk to you on Monday!!! PLEASE SEND THAT CAMERA CORD!!!!!
Love you!!!! again!!!
Sister Brown!!

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