Monday, July 29, 2013

Fear No Man

hahahahahahahahahaha oh my word...of course you had that experience in Flaming Gorge!! I don't know why I didn't expect your bad luck to continue while I was gone... That is soo hilarious..but terrible..all at the same time!! I really hope and pray that I do not inherit your terrible luck! But hey, at least you have GREAT stories!!! I was laughing sooo hard when I read about your flat tire on the way home! Sounds like an eventful trip to say the least!!! I am so jealous you got to go to Flaming Gorge!! I love it up there! A sister in our ward just got back from there and I was wondering if you had went! Good to know that you had a great time!! LIZZY wakeboarded?!? Wow!! That's great!! I bet Ben loved the fishing! That is awesome!! I hope he ate it!! ;)  How was the 24th of July!?! I bet Lizzy looked cute on that float!! :)  Sadly there were no fireworks here in Maryland for the 24!!! But that's alright!!!

So I found out this week that Elder Greene is totally from Bountiful High!! He is Jake Parry's friend and my zone leader right now!! I had no idea who he was and I just barely figured it embarrassing! Oh well! hahaha.  This week has been great though!! It is great to hear from you guys!!

We have had a fantastic week!!! We have been working soooo hard with less actives and finding new investigators.  So in case you have already forgot about me.. you know that I am very quick to get embarrassed!!! I do not like to bug people, and I get soo embarrassed when people slam doors or don't want to hear from us! I read the talk Letter of Elder Ricardi this week and my theme of the week was "Fear No Man!"  I realized while reading this talk that I do not need to be embarrassed at all, I am doing the Lord's work.  This is not about me, this is about him.  If people reject what I try to tell them, they are really rejecting Jesus Christ.  In order to try to get better at this I have had the goal of trying to stop every person that passes by me and talk to them and give them a pass along card! It has been amazing!! Do people still ignore me and laugh or grunt?? SURE! haha Do I still get a cherry red face?? YUP! But I am getting better at talking to EVERYONE about the amazing message we have to share.  As I have tried this week we have had sooo many more opportunites to teach others about the Savior! It is amazing what opening up your mouth will do!!! :)   We found three new investigators this week!! And two of them came to church!! We took them on a church tour on Saturday and each of them expressed how at home they feel when they are at the church.  I thought that was so interesting at first but then I realized that the reason they feel like that is because they once knew all of this!! The gospel has a familiar ring to it to most people because they heard it before this life! Heavenly Father has prepared each of our investigators for us! We even committed Edward to be baptized! It was amazing!! The only down side is that....him and his nephew are two younger single we have to pass them off to the elders! probably a good idea...hahaha.  But we are super excited!!!

One worldly miracle of the week that I have to share!!! haha So we have an old blackberry phone, and before I left the mission home they gave us this big lecture about how these phones are tools etc etc.. Basically if you lose them we get in big trouble... so we have been really careful! Well! On Saturday night it was POURING RAIN!!! We were at a member's home for dinner, and so we decided that we would run as fast as we could to the car so we wouldn't get wet! Good idea right?? Well we RAN to the car and jumped in and drove to the church to meet another investigator.  When we got to the church Sister Mortensen was like..."Sister Brown...I can't find the phone.."  She was the last person to have it (not that that matters.. ;)...okay maybe a little bit..) and so she felt sooo bad! We knew that it was probably in the road soaking wet and that we were in serious trouble!! We prayed and prayed that it would be okay, and we called the Elders in our area to go and look for it on their way home! They called us later, and guess what?!! THE PHONE IS ALIVE!!!!!!! It was seriously a miracle that it still worked because it was soaking wet!!! But hey it shows that Heavenly Father looks after his missionaries.. even their phones!! ;)

My mission is amazing!!! I am soo grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord!!! I am sooo lucky!!  I love devoting all my time to help people come to know Jesus Christ!! I love talking to people from all different backgrounds and realizing that we are all brothers and sisters and just trying to get home!!!
Sister Brown
 P.S. lucky you here are some pictures!

I sent her a couple packages to the MTC.  Now who couldn't use a BIG smiley face:)!

Photo sent from Mrs. Mortensen, Elder Mortensen's mom.  He is the one up front.
Sister Brown with her Mission President - President Richards, and his wife.

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