Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lone Wolf

I am alive, and all is well!! Thank you SOOO much for the package!! I got it yesterday,and my companion and I have been enjoying all the treats!! Liz, thanks for all those cute stickers, I love them! So this is my first P day at the MTC and it has been very nice!! I have been trying to balance the weight in my bags all day!! I found out that my carry on bag can only be 16 pounds..bummer!! So I will be sending a box full of stuff home sometime this week! I have so much to say, so hopefully I will have enough time to fit it all! This email will probably be so all over the place because so much has happened this past week, so forgive me for jumping all around!
First of all, I am a lone wolf here at the MTC haha out of the 7,000 missionaries here at the MTC I am the only sister going to Vanuatu! There are four other elders in my district that are going as well, so maybe my mission president thought I was a boy or something!! haha. The elders that are going to Vanuatu keep telling me that there are only Native Sisters on Vanuatu's islands, and all the white sisters speak french and go to New Caledonia! But I have not learned any french, so we will see what happens!! I did not get a Visa, but apparently you dont need one for four months  in Vanuatu, so we are still going!! That is good news! Me and the other four Elders are leaving on Monday!! We leave SLC at 4:50 pm and have a layover at LAX from 5:48 pm to 9:45pm.  This means that I will be calling you during my layover at LAX! PLEASE ANSWER!!! I have a calling card, but even if you dont answer it still uses the minutes! I will call your cellphone mom!! BE READY! haha..unless you have already forgotten about me... Anyways we fly out of LAX at 9:45PM and land in Auckland New Zealand at 5:45pm.  From there were fly straight to Port Vila, Vanuatu! A total travel time of 36 hours!! Yipee!!! Because I am the only sister I get to have 4 Elders as my companions...great..And if I have to go to the bathroom they all have to come and stand outside the door...even better! hahaha. I am so excited to start this new chapter, but the travel does not sound like too much fun!!! REMEMBER: ANSWER YOUR PHONE PLEASE!!! :)
Anyways, I have been sooo blessed here!! My companion Sister Jex was sent straight from Heaven to me!! We get along sooo well, and she is amazing!! I am so sad that she doesnt get to come with me, but I know I will be in for a bunch of new great companions!! We laugh probably 24/7.  We have locked ourselves out of our room about 4 times, and had plenty of embarrassing moments!!
The MTC is a crazy experience! It is soo hard!! It literally is spiritual boot camp...I've always wanted to go to boot camp, so I guess that is a good thing!! I am exhausted!! I get up at about 5:50 every morning and I wake up every 30 minutes at night because my roommates make weird noises! Oh yeah, I am rooming with four other girls besides my companion right now! They are all spanish speaking and going state side.. They always talk in spanish whenever we are around and it is hilarious because Sister Jex and I have no idea what they are trying to say!!! We committed our investigator to baptism yesterday!!! I have been able to feel Heavenly Father's love for each of my investigators and it is amazing!! If you try to see people through His eyes it is so much easier to love them!!!! There are so many amazing blessings at the MTC!!! I love it!!!
I have zero time!!!
I LOVE you guys soo much!!!
Sister Brown!!

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