Friday, July 12, 2013


Halo Again Family!
So Surprise!! I know you are not expecting to hear from me today, but I have some news!! I was sitting in class today and someone came in with a paper for me.  I just found out (2 days before I leave), that I will be temporarily reassigned to the Maryland Baltimore Mission! Absolutely crazy!! Apparently the MTC is having a lot of troubles with Vanuatu government right now and will be unable to send us there until the proper paperwork comes through.  My new travel plans are: Leaving SLC at 7:20 AM July 16 (Tuesday), Arriving in PHX at 7:54AM and leaving for Baltimore at 8:45am.  That means that I will be calling between 5-7AM Tuesday morning or 7-7:30 (PHX time).  If you would like to talk to me before I leave you should probably answer your phone!! :)
Although this has come as a complete surprise, I am so excited!  This means that I will have the amazing opportunity to serve two missions!!! :)  I know that there is a reason I am going to Baltimore, and that makes me all the more excited to arrive!! Heavenly Father must be pretty busy preparing people for me to teach in both Baltimore and Vanuatu!!!  We have prayed and prayed for our paperwork to Vanuatu, and I know that this is our answer. Heavenly Father will never give his children any trials that they do not think they can handle, so challenge accepted!!! :) I have learned that although Heavenly Father's plan is not always the same as ours, His is ALWAYS better in the end!! So I am SO excited to see what he has in store for me as I work hard!!! On the bright side, my carry on bag can now be a wopping 40 lbs!!! BOOYA!!! :) No more overweight bags for this Sista!! :)
Only two problems with this whole change of plans thing..... Firstly, I only have warm weather clothes.... so lets hope that the weather is really warm so I can wear all my island wear there!! :)  And Secondly, I was just told by my Branch President that this is an all bike mission............uh oh....that may be a slight problem...seeing that I can't ride a two wheeler without training wheels yet.... I can only imagine my first conversation with my Mission President: "So Sister Brown, is there any concerns you have??" Me: "Well President... you see... I can't ride a two wheeler without training wheels quite yet..."  hahahahahaha He will probably look at me like I am crazy!! I don't really know how this is going to work out, but I am willing to ride roller blades as my companion bikes if worst comes to worst! Oh how I wish I would have tried a little harder when Dad tried to teach Mike and I how to ride a bike!!!! How embarrassing!!!
In all honesty, I cannot wait to get out into the field and begin to put all of my hard work and things that I have learned into action! This message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message that anyone could ever hear! No matter what phase of life people are in, the gospel will always make things better. I am SOOO excited to serve wherever the Lord wants me to serve!!! (except New York...haha just kidding...that would just take Joseph Smith faith... :)) I love you all!!! Thank you so much for all the love and support!! The packages and letters have been sooo encouraging and uplifting as things have been crazy here!! I love being a missionary, and there is no where I would rather be than doing the Lord's amazing work!!! :) READY OR NOT, BALTIMORE HERE I COME BABY!!! :)
Love you guys!!!  
Sista Brown
P.S. I got that amazing package today!! Thank you Thank you!! I got my camera cord and card that were in there, but my gray plug in the wall charger was not in there! I will be needing to charge my camera battery sometime on my mission, so a charger would be great!! If it helps at all, my camera is a Canon camera PC1732 4.3 V. Thanks!!! :)
P.S.S. I was in a meeting today with all the departing missionairies and I couldn't find MIKE!!!! :( I was looking everywhere!!

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