Monday, July 8, 2013

First Letter July 8, 2013

Halo Family!

I am alive!  Sorry this didn't get to you sooner, the mail was weird because of the fourth, and I have had zero time.  The MTC is nuts!  Over 800 came in on Wednesday, and there are 7,000 here right now!  Elder's and Sister's everywhere!

My companion is Sister Jex, she is from Pleasant Grove, so not too far from us!  I absolutely love her!

The fourth was so fun!  We had a normal day of class and such and then after dinner we were able to go to a devotional.   Brother Laney spoke and it was great!  After that, we got to watch 17 Miracles!  I loved it!  We actually got to watch a movie!  The movie ended at 10 that night and after that Prez let us go outside to watch the fireworks!  We had to stay within the fence, but we got our curfew extended until 11:00!  I couldn't really see all of the fireworks because there were trees in the way!  But, I got an ice cream bar!  So that was good!

Also, my companion and I got our first investigator!  His name is Joshanel.  He is the most amazing spirit.  I really feel like Heavenly Father prepared and led me to Josh.  He wants the blessings of the gospel in his family and knows about the Book of Mormon!  Our first lesson with him went great, and we can't wait to keep teaching him, and eventually lead him, and his family to the temple.

Anyways, I have been able to see a lot of people here! I saw Brother and Sister Moore... what is this their 5th mission?  I also saw Sister Welling, Jake Hunt (Mike's friend), and my friend Elder Olyelnod.  It is amazing to be able to see so many people serving the Lord!  I have no idea if I have my Visa yet, I am going to check later today!  So I have a bunch more to say, and some pictures for you, so you will probably be able to see those on my one and only P-day on Thursday!  Jesus is the Christ!  The gospel is true and amazing!

Love you all, and I will e-mail you Thursday!

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